How Business Leaders Can & Should Protect Themselves Against Cyber Events

Part 1 in the Webinar Series hosted by Duncan Financial Group & bit-x-bit, LLC

Date: Thursday, September 30th

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm EST

Location: Zoom Registration Link Below

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Setting the Stage

  • What exactly is the discipline of cybersecurity?
  • Why am I reading out it so much in the news?
  • Why should I care about it? Isn’t it something that only large, powerful companies have to contend with?

What Is a Cyberattack?

  • What are the common ways that threat actors get in?
  • What are the key types of attacks I keep hearing about?
  • How has the threat landscape changed over the past 1-3 years?
  • How has the pandemic affected the landscape?

What’s at Stake?

  • Critical company resources
  • Customer/client data
  • Legal liability
  • Brand/reputation
  • Insurance coverage

What Can I Do to Protect My Organization?

  • The top 5 steps all organizations should take
  • Who can help me if I don’t have a large, or any, internal security team?



John Unice, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer 

bit-x-bit, LLC

Brett Creasy-200x200.jpg

Brett Creasy, CISSP, GCFA, CCE

President & Director of Digital Forensics 

bit-x-bit, LLC



Executive Vice President, Certified Risk Manager

Duncan Financial Group

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What to Expect When a Cyber Event Occurs

Date: Tuesday, October 19th

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Part 3:

Understanding the Ins & Outs of Cyber Insurance Programs

Date: Wednesday, November 10th

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm EST

In part three of our series, we explore how not all cyber insurance programs are the same and where your business lies on the "3 to 3 dozen" types of programs available today.

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