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The Most Common Ways Business Sellers Trick Buyers

Dozens of them, any one of which can result in big gains or losses, depending upon your position on the dealmaking field. This is the first time I’ve shared this information outside my clientele and the 298 professional advisors I’ve trained to better-serve buyers and sellers of SMBs.

Watch proven dealmaker, Nic Cooper, talk about wanting to buy a business.

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This, which has been circulating online, can benefit buyers, sellers, and their advisors: Detailed Letters of Intent (LOIs) Make Closings More Likely. More action tips: Part 1: How Pre-LOI Due Diligence Can Crater Deals.


Understanding Key Pieces of the Broker NDA. Avoid costly risks! Bait for Searchers.

Avoiding Personal Guarantees

Reality. Pitfalls. Alternatives. Workarounds. Dos & Don’ts. Contributions by numerous experts. Plus: How sellers can get PGs.

How to Prepare to Search & Find Worthwhile Companies for Sale

  • Hot and spicy ideas during the Q&A session!

You’ll also see tips for owners and sellers to identify and block illegitimate “buyers.


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Is value increasing or is it merely pricing that is increasing?
Business brokers, among others, are saying businesses are selling at increasing multiples of profit (or whatever). Some competing buyers are "successfully" outbidding ignorant searchers.Seems like a good way for "winning" to be losing, doesn't it?

When interest rates go up the resale value of bonds goes down.

That's common knowledge. This isn’t:

When interest rates go up, the multiple goes down (for some kinds of businesses) when pricing SMBs for sale. At least for the savvy buyers (avoiding buyer competition); the acquirers who don’t regret their purchase, such as the hapless new owners suffering buyer remorse. (Sorry. If this bursts your bubble.)

Here's something buyers can emulate:
How I acquired 12 small businesses and then combined them into a new company, franchised it and then sold the company. In less than 2-years.

  • The podcast, hosted by Jon Stoddard, has 14 dealmaking tips and insights that few people know: "Top M&A Entrepreneurs"

There are lots of books for buying a business.
This book focuses only on the search,
because you can't buy right if you can't find right:

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Savvy Buyers Avoid Buyer Competition!

It’s always a good time to
for SMBs to buy
(without making commitments).

It’s usually a good time to
IF you buy mature, profitable
and fairly-priced businesses
with sustainable competitive advantages.
AND if the deal is done in the
context of economic circumstances.
AND your terms of purchase are
flexible enough to handle what’s coming.
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