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An Update from the Caltrans Office of Sustainability


The Caltrans Office of Sustainability is responsible for the tracking, monitoring, and managing the implementation of the 2020-21 Complete Streets High-Priority Actions.


The new Director's Policy on Complete Streets (DP-37) directs all transportation projects funded or overseen by Caltrans to provide comfortable, convenient, and connected complete streets facilities for people walking, biking, taking transit or passenger rail.

This policy establishes Caltrans' organizational priority to maximize complete streets as a key strategy to not only meet state climate, health, equity, and environmental goals but also to foster socially and economically vibrant, thriving, and resilient communities.

As part of the new policy, Caltrans commits to removing administrative barriers and partnering with communities and local agencies to ensure more projects on state and local transportation systems improve the connectivity to pedestrian, bicycle and transit facilities, and accessibility to destinations.

Read the new policy here.


The Caltrans Mode Share Action Plan (MSAP) has been a coordinated effort to identify actions taking place across Caltrans aimed at increasing walking, biking and transit in California.

To help achieve this vision, the Plan was updated to a 2.0 version in 2020 to include a new set of high-priority actions specifically around complete streets for 2020-21. The final update below concludes our tracking of the high-priority actions featured in the MSAP 2.0.

Final Update

DP-37 will further align Caltrans' work with the Climate Action Plan on Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI) and continue to set the Department on course towards delivering a brighter future for all Californians through a more sustainable and equitable transportation system, especially as the state prepares to receive an influx of federal funding for infrastructure.

A key action the Department is taking to immediately implement the goals of DP-37 is the development of a new, standalone biennial Complete Streets Action Plan. This new Complete Streets Action Plan will guide Caltrans staff work and contain defined deliverables to advance complete streets.

Development of the Action Plan is already underway. We are currently accepting ideas for DP-37 implementation - make your voice heard! Click the button below to provide your suggestions.

DP-37 Implementation Ideas

California Walk and Bike Technical Advisory Committee (CWBTAC) Membership Applications

Are you a professional with active transportation experience and a desire to help steer Caltrans' complete streets policy? We are seeking to fill two seats on the CWBTAC. Apply today! We are requesting applications by Thursday, March 10, 2022.

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