The Role of Meditation and Breathing in Managing Cancer-Related Stress

Oncology Nursing News recently published an article by CancerCare's Director of Client Advocacy, Richard Dickens, on the benefits of meditation in stress management following a cancer diagnosis.

After a cancer diagnosis, our fight-or-flight response can kick in and we can get into a state of chronic hyperarousal. Introducing a 3-breath exercise to bring one back to the para-sympathetic nervous system is crucial to the practice that follows and, even by itself, managing breath can produce enormous benefit.

In partnership with BodyMind Sessions, Cancer Care has also developed its own meditation app. The app aims to help people affected by cancer manage the symptoms of treatment, let go of anxiety, achieve deep, restful sleep and stay emotionally balanced. With guided meditation sessions, inspirational talks and more than 100 free hours of beautiful, soothing music and natural sounds, the Cancer Care Meditation app is filled with convenient ways to calm minds and reignite hope during stress-filled days.

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