October 2016

Targeting Stomach Cancer Prevention
for Asian Americans
A new cancer study among Asian Americans profiled in Time Magazine reveals specific ethnic groups face higher rates of cancer. Researchers looked at over 85,500 cancer-related deaths between 2003 to 2011 from the National Center for Health Statistics. They found stomach cancer rates differ among Asian American ethnic groups and concluded that Asian Americans would greatly benefit from ethnically-targeted prevention efforts.

cause for hope cindy video

Cindy Gallagher, board member and widow of Foundation founder JP Gallagher, shares why she's involved with Gastric Cancer Foundation and why she believes giving makes a difference. Join Cindy and our caring community to help create a future without gastric cancer. Register online to attend "A Cause for Hope" on November 18th.
Have You Added to the Gastric Cancer Registry?
Help the Gastric Cancer Registry

The Gastric Cancer Registry at Stanford Cancer Institute is instrumental in helping advance treatment and research for stomach cancer. To continue accelerating research, register your history and update your profile so research scientists and more patients can benefit from your information. Ask your physician to help you submit tissue samples. Don't wait another day, visit our Gastric Cancer Registry to see how you can help improve treatments and save lives.

What Would Help You Most?
We are one of 23 organizations that make up the GI Cancers Alliance, which wants to know what your unmet needs are as a gastric cancer patient or survivor in the gastric cancer community. Take this quick 12 question survey to help shape the work of the Alliance and create a better understanding of what education and programmatic efforts are needed.
All responses are anonymous.
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