February 3, 2022
How Champions Are Built
The last few weeks of playoffs have given us some of the best football we’ve ever seen. Comeback wins, thrilling score changes, heartbreaking losses. There’s been no shortage of blood (Brady’s lip), sweat (despite some record-breaking cold) and tears (from SF to KC to Green Bay to Buffalo and beyond). 

Competition breeds that level of emotion. But so does the journey. These players are working year-round on their skills, their strength and conditioning and their mental approach to playing at that level. Teams are working as units in OTAs and training camps. Their journey is long and it’s hard, requiring sacrifice, teamwork, perseverance.

While it’s tough to match the level of the NFL, we see a similar approach in Pop Warner. [Read more...]
Bigger Than Sport: Good Sportsmanship at Pop Warner Championships 
Days before 11-year-old Jaidyn Bolduc and her teammates were set to compete in the Pop Warner Cheer & Dance National Championships, Jaidyn was involved in a fatal car accident on Route 84 in Vernon, Connecticut.

Her shaken teammates from the Manchester (CT) Red Hawks decided to travel to Florida with the hope of winning a National Championship they could dedicate to Jaidyn. But they fell short, finishing fifth.  

What happened next stunned them. 

The South Pasco Predators from Land O Lakes, FL claimed the title. But they didn’t hang on to it very long. They sent the Red Hawks the 1st place trophy, banner and a medal to honor Jaidyn. The girls in Connecticut, their families and coaches were blown away. 

Click here to see the Manchester Red Hawks' touching Facebook post, which includes photos of South Pasco's letter and the first place trophy.
Hicks Contributing On and Off the Field
Pop Warner awarded its 12th Annual Pop Warner National College Football Award to University of California's safety Elijah Hicks - an All-American, All-Pac-12 safety and active participant in fighting hunger and poverty in the community. 
While his resume on the field is impressive, it’s his success in school and initiative in the community, including starting the Intercept Poverty Foundation, that makes a true embodiment of Pop Warner and role model for the next generation of young student-athletes.
Learn more about Elijah here and don’t miss him in action at this year’s East West Shrine Bowl tonight on NFL Network. 
King Coaching in Shrine Bowl
Elijah Hicks won’t be the only Pop Warner awardee at this year’s East West Shrine Bowl! Pop Warner’s 2021 Female Achievement of the Year Winner and Washington Commanders coach, Jennifer King, will also be participating as the Bowl's running backs coach.

Last year, she became the NFL's first Black female, full-time assistant coach, while this year she marks her place as the first woman to be a positional coach in the East-West Shrine Bowl’s history.
Highlights: Pop Warner at the Cheez-It Bowl
Pop Warner teams took the field at the half of the Cheez-It Bowl at Camping World Stadium, and they put on a great show for the fans! Thanks to our partners at Florida Citrus Sports for giving these kids a night they'll remember forever.
Pop Warner in the Media
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February 12
5:00 pm ET
Pop Warner wouldn't exist without the tireless effort of our wonderful volunteers. We love to celebrate these remarkable community leaders. This month we feature:

Simone Sutton, Regional management team volunteer
Region: Mid-America | League: Chicagoland Pop Warner
I volunteer because I love helping others grow in areas they did not know they were capable of achieving. The tools Pop Warner Mid-America and Chicagoland give to each volunteer helps to make the Cheer and Dance Program enjoyable and successful.  

God has given me a passion to want to help others, especially focusing on kids. My passion continues to motivate me to take action and make a difference in all the people I have the pleasure of helping. Being a volunteer and donating my time also provides many opportunities to be a mentor. My experience in the role as mentor to kids and other volunteers is very rewarding to me knowing that I have helped so many. 

There are two things that are important to being a volunteer. One is to continuously learn and the other is to improve myself in areas that mean so much to me in improving our program. Mentoring others by sharing your learned knowledge, experience and skills to help the next person improve themselves. Being a volunteer for Pop Warner Mid-America and Chicagoland Pop Warner has allowed me many opportunities to achieve both.

Being a volunteer for Pop Warner Mid-America and Chicagoland Pop Warner has also given me an opportunity to meet other great volunteers who I have gained a lifetime friendship. 

Volunteering your time to help makes a difference in a person's life as well as lasting impact!
Why do you volunteer? Feel free to let us know at media@popwarner.com.