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October 2019
Does Connectedness Lead to a More Meaningful Existence?
In This Issue

  • Book Corner: More Together Than Alone by Mark Nepo
  • Upcoming PGN Events
  • Articles for Growth: Research Summary: "Social Connectedness as a Source and Consequence of Meaning in Life" by Kevin Rathbun Psychology Today Interview with Mark Nepo by Mark Matousek
Book Corner
More Together Than Alone
 ~ by Mark Nepo

"Mark Nepo has written a guidebook for our complicated, polarized time, with his poet’s heart and compassion. The combination of practicality and inspiration leaves readers with hope for our world, and gratitude for this beautiful book.”
—Light of Consciousness, Journal of Spiritual Awakening
How could being "in community" help you to find more meaning in your life? Why is it so necessary in today's world?

In this poetically creative & historical read, Mark Nepo shares stories and insights into the importance of meeting the outer world with an inner life.

We at PGN want to help you find meaning in your life through building a like-minded community we can all enjoy.

If you have thoughts, or resources to share, please go to our Facebook Group , join our community, and let us know your thoughts on "community building."
In gratitude ~ Janet Dwinells
Upcoming PGN Meetup Events
October 2 & 9 6:30PM
Cambridge, MA
Hosted by Spira
October 6 & November 10
1 - 4PM
Newton, MA
Hosted by Linda Marks
October 11 7-10pm
Auburndale, MA
Hosted by Margaret Arndt
October 12 7-10 pm
Stow, MA
Hosted by Marie Patrice Masse and John Howe
Thursday, October 17
6:30 - 7:45 PM
Hosted by Kristi Borst
Friday, October 18
7:00 - 10:00 PM
Hosted by Margaret Arndt
Friday, October 25
7:00 - 10:00PM
Auburndale, MA
Hosted by Margaret Arndt
November 1 7 - 10PM
Auburndale, MA
Hosted by Margaret Arndt
Articles for Growth - "Community"
Research Summary: "Social connectedness as a source and consequence of meaning in life"  
~ by Kevin Rathbun
What brings meaning to your life? Your personal relationships or a larger relationship with outside community.
Enjoy this thought-provoking article from "Psychology Today" about discovering the power and spirit of community in our lives and in the world.
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