January 1, 2023
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How Controversy Speaks to Self-Awareness
Sometimes, I get comments from folks disagreeing with my advice or suggestions, because they “feel” what they are doing works for them. For instance, in the debate over marijuana use, many users say that cannabis decreases their ADHD symptoms, that they don’t have any negative side effects. The question is, however, can they really notice any long-term effects in the short term?
I’m neither in favor of nor against cannabis, smoking, or stimulants. I am pro education. The point of all this is to urge you to be fully informed in your decisions. Just because you can’t “feel” negative effects, doesn’t mean there aren’t any. For example, chemotherapy or radiation treatment may have negative side effects, but it can extend or even save the life of a cancer patient. Facts are important in a decision. Often, you need to override your feelings and think.

For more insight on this topic, please check out my blogpost: “How Controversy Speaks to Self-Awareness.” www.digcoaching.com/controversy-and-self-awareness/

Jeff Copper
ADHD and Attention Coach
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ADHD: Do Your Feelings Betray You?
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