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Dave & Gillian Santangeli
Dave and Gillian are both in their 50's and are the parents of three. They both joined the adult program when it was launched in October 2013.   They already had a relationship with us because their two oldest sons who are elite athletes (Rugby, Hockey) had trained with us for years.

When they came in they were in average shape.  Dave played hockey in a men's league and also coached.  But neither had ever trained functionally like an athlete.  When Dave first came in he could not even perform a single pushup. Not one!  By December they had both bought in 100%.  They do not train together because of business and family commitments.  Dave comes in at 6AM five days a week.  Gillian trains three to four times a week.  It is a joy for us at the ATC to work with adult athletes like Dave and Gillian.

Their results have been spectacular! The results have been achieved through hard work at the ATC and to being diligent in their nutritional habits. They are plant strong but do not worry about indulging from time-to-time as they did on their recent trip to Las Vegas.

Dave: "The ATC environment is what has allowed me to make a habit of being fit: I can just show up and not have to worry about what exercises to do, enjoy the hour and get on with my day. Every day is different and I never get bored. The small group format has all the benefits of a personal trainer, but is more comfortable: I like being able to fit into a group and do my own thing. I'm a guy who has always hated the gym, but now it is a regular part of my daily routine that I look forward to."




"The 6am time is critical for me: I can get a workout in and still make a reasonable GO train time to get downtown at a reasonable time. I have to go to bed 45 minutes earlier, but that just means less time sitting watching TSN, which is not a big loss".   

"The biggest day to day benefit of being fit is that I generally feel better: my energy level is much more consistent, my moods are generally better and I don't get tired nearly as easily. In terms of other sports, I have gone from just trying to survive an hour of hockey to being able to play at a reasonably high level the whole time without really feeling fatigued.   The change in my body composition has been pretty dramatic: My weight is down 25 lbs versus its peak, my body fat % has dropped from 27% to less than 15%, I have gone from 3 pull ups to 16, and my olympic lift weights have basically doubled. The biggest problem is that I have had to get all of my suits altered so that they fit". 

Gillian: "I love coming to the ATC because I know I will leave there having surprised myself at what I was able to do. I like that I will always know someone there who is challenging themselves as well and I trust Richard and his staff to know exactly how hard to push me. It's great that the workouts are a different challenge every time. The important benefit of the ATC approach is the equal emphasis on weight training, aerobic capacity, flexibility and nutrition. I don't feel like I'm coming to a gym in the traditional sense; I feel like I'm coming to a place where my total health is valued and supported.  It's a clich� but what has worked for me is making the classes part of my routine. That's why the schedule of classes works for me rather than just having a facility that is open all the time. When I set aside the two lunchtime classes and the Saturday morning class as my time to go to the gym, I go. Knowing that the other ATC adult athletes will be there to encourage me also really helps with the motivation!  I was in good health but my weight had been gradually increasing - I thought I had about 5 pounds too much but since joining the ATC, I've lost almost 20 pounds and 8% body fat."

Dave & Gillian: 
"We have shifted more to a plant strong food diet and it has had a dramatic benefit. We still eat meat to some extent but have dropped dairy completely and substituted green vegetables for simple carbs. Frankly, I don't miss fatty/fried foods because my palate has adapted. 
We've cut out a lot of processed food. We've increased the amount of beans and nuts we eat to reduce meat as a protein source and have increased the amount and variety of vegetables we eat. We don't miss our former nutritional habits as the food we eat now is so tasty!"


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