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How Debt Can Jeopardize Your Professional License
Debt doesn’t discriminate. It can affect people at all levels of their careers; from entry level positions to those with professional licensures. Unfortunately, there are some debts that, if left unchecked and unhindered, can actually jeopardize your career and even the licenses for which you’ve worked so hard. Now, while this seems counter-intuitive, at present time there are 14 states that assert their authority to rescind a professional license due to unpaid debt. Florida is one of these states. So, what can you do to protect your career and your occupational license from being rescinded? Let’s take a closer look.

Keep on Top of Student Loan Debt
Not all debts are alike. Student loan debts are one of the biggest debt burdens affecting Americans. Millions of people nation-wide are struggling to keep up with that debt. In fact,\ it is estimated that as much as 40% will be at risk of defaulting on their student loans by 2023. However, if you’re struggling to pay your student loans and have a professional license of any kind, you won’t want to default. Fourteen states, including Florida,  have professional licensing regulations that can suspend, deny, or completely revoke a professional license if your student loan debt isn’t paid on time.

This practice can affect a number of professions from accountants to massage therapists, doctors to real estate brokers. If you have a professional and/or occupational certification or license granted to you by the State of Florida, it can be at risk if you aren’t paying your student loans on time.

New Legislation Introduced
A bipartisan bill has been recently introduced to the United States Senate, authored by Senator Marco Rubio-R and Senator Elizabeth Warren-D, as a push-back against these practices. The United States Senate Bill, S. 3065 , also known at the “Protecting JOBs Act” or, “Protecting Job Opportunities for Borrowers Act,” aims to protect borrowers by preventing states from suspending or revoking state issued licenses.

While this is a step toward protecting the livelihoods of professionals who find themselves struggling to pay back debt, it is not currently law. So, until it passes through the Senate and House of Representatives and is signed into law by the President of the United States, the protective measures it would put in place are not yet available.

Final Thoughts
There are many reasons that can lead individuals to delinquency in their student loan debt. Unfortunately, it is well within the rights of the State of Florida to revoke your professional license should you find yourself in this situation. While there is possibly some good news on the horizon with the introduction of Senate BillS.3065, there is no telling when, or if, the measure will pass. Your best options for protecting your career is to continue paying your student loan debt in a timely manner—or, if you are facing discipline for the failure to pay your student loan debt, contact a compassionate, experienced lawyer to defend you.

As unfortunate as it is, debt can jeopardize your professional career and even your professional license. If you find yourself facing insurmountable student loan debt and the possibility of having your license revoked, contact a trusted attorney to guide you forward. Your livelihood is on the line and you need someone on your side who is responsive, communicative, and can support you through this trying time. If you or a loved one needs professional license defense, contact us today for a free consultation. The professionals at Tison Law Group are here to help you protect your financial and professional future.
Tison's Tip
If you owe a debt, pay it. However, if due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to do so and receive any notice whatsoever from the State of Florida about your license to practice your career, contact a lawyer immediately. Your career is literally on the line.
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