Preservation Trust of Vermont
Somewhere in your town there is probably a building that has been rehabilitated, repurposed, or made a community center. It might be an historic house, a school that was replaced, or even an abandoned barn. Now it is full of life, a community gathering place, and a point of pride for you and your neighbors.
Chances are, a group of community volunteers made this happen. Chances are, they raised the money, learned the ins and outs of planning, fundraising and rehabilitation, and helped in ways that surprised you. 
How did they learn to do that?

Very likely, your neighbors -- and maybe you too! -- learned all those foreign but necessary skills at a Preservation Trust retreat, at the Grand Isle Lake House. In excess 600 organizations and projects around Vermont have gotten an educated start at the Lake House, in a training session or two, while enjoying its sublime lakefront setting.
This year we are celebrating twenty amazing years of owning the Lake House and using it to help Vermonters bring their community dreams to reality.

We're proud to be a demonstration project of sorts. Beginning in 1998, we received the Lake House as a very generous gift, raised funds to restore it, and designed an operational model that produces some business revenue. We use those funds to maintain it admirably despite historic frailties, and train hundreds of volunteers there year after year.

One of the most important things about all this has been your support .....for our programs, our Lake House rehabilitation, and for strong, proud communities throughout Vermont. We hope you'll stick with us for the next twenty years, come visit at the Lake House ....and make a donation now so this is all possible!
With thanks,
Paul Bruhn,
Executive Director

2018 Map of Where We Worked & What We Do
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