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                                                      June 16, 2015


by Dona Stohler

Do blogs really work? 


Do they generate business? 


The answer to these questions depends upon how committed you are to blogging and what you post to your blog.  Here are some "best practices" for you to consider if you currently have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog.  But before I get to best practices consider these statistics.

  • 38% of in-house counsel say they have been on a blog in the past week and 15% say they use blogs to evaluate credentials. What this tells me is that if your target market is in-house counsel, having a blog might be a good idea.
  • Companies that blog 15 times or more a month have five times more traffic to their websites than companies that don't blog.  Companies that increase blogging from three to five times a month to six to eight times a month double their leads each month.

Best Practices

Determine your audience.  Whose attention are you trying to get?  This will tell you what types of topics you should cover in your blog.  You want to write about things they will be interested in learning or knowing about.

Keep it short.  The length of your blog posts should be fairly concise.  People are not going to want to read for more than a few minutes, so don't go overboard with the amount of information you provide.  If you have a lot to say, break it up into several shorter posts.

Skip the legalese.  You aren't writing a legal brief.  You are writing something that most people can understand and if you are doing it right, re-purpose, share on social media, or incorporate into something that they put on their blogs.  So make it easy for everyone to understand. 


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Build them and they will come

When you get a new client and ask, "So, how did you hear about me?"  A large percentage of the time the answer is likely that someone you know or already do work for sent the new client your way.  If this is how you are currently generating many of your new clients, doesn't it just make sense that you should also be focusing the majority of your business development time on being diligent and strategic about your referral relationships?  Amicus Attorney offers some great low cost/low risk ways to grow your business, complete with a quote from Zig Zigler.

Who are your competitors?
Recent study says mid-sized firms have it wrong

Mid-sized firms might be competing with the wrong competitor.  And mid-sized firms think that alternative fee arrangements will continue to grow, but the vast majority of their revenue is still coming from the traditional billable hour.  Now there's some perplexing findings!  Thomson Reuters Midsize Law Firm Survey explains it all.  Or at least gives it a shot. 

Valuable content
Are you providing it?

Content should be evaluated in terms of the value or benefit it delivers to clients and prospective clients claims Eric Dewey of Group Dewey Consulting.  Who can argue with that? No one wants to read something that is of limited or no value?  But sometimes stepping outside yourself and looking at your content from your customers' perspective can lead to surprising insight.  There are three degrees of value: Hindsights, Insights, and Foresights

Play to win
It takes discipline and a plan

Discipline may be the hardest part about good professional service marketing.  There are always clients to get in the way of your good intentions. Balancing time between client work and looking for new work is always a challenge.  Creating a marketing discipline will help keep both you and your clients engaged.

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