Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter. I hope you enjoy it and find it touches you on one level or another.

I now understand more deeply that our pets come into our lives with Sacred Contracts. They come to help us on numerous levels...companionship is the most commonly thought of, however there is more. In addition to companionship, they support us emotionally and physically.This newsletter is in memory of one of my 2 beloved cats who transitioned 14 days ago on October 31'st. Blue shared her life with me for 20 and a half years. I am blessed and feel that gratitude for our pets is a perfect topic to write about as we approach Thanksgiving.

If you are still grieving and having trouble moving into a place of peace about a pet or person you loved, you can reach out for help. ( 508) 237- 4929
Pets have Sacred Contracts as do we
A sacred contract is an agreement or series of agreements we make before we incarnate that will enhance our growth as a Soul. Animals make them as well as humans because they are also evolving as a Soul. Do you ever chuckle about how human your pet companion seems at times? This is probably because they were and still exhibit human expressions or behaviors.

Our Pets Come to Help Us

Our pets come into our lives to help us in specific ways. As they do so, they fulfill agreements they made with us before this life.

I am dedicating this newsletter to my cat Blue because she was an amazing companion for me. She loved me unconditionally and helped me on different levels. I adopted her and Snickers, my other cat when they were kittens from a shelter in New Bedford.

Both cats were in the same container and had already bonded. I knew they would be good company for each other. I never thought they would be with me for as long as they have been, but I did know that I had committed to being a forever home for them, as long as they wanted to be here. They became lifelong companions and I learned later that the 3 of us had numerous lifetimes together. My favorite one was when we were dolphins! It was no accident that they chose me and I chose them once again. Read More

Animals have come for help over the years.

Tobie...sweet boy with a mission!
Last year, a beautiful, sweet cat showed up outside my ground level window. He was hoping I would take him in. I knew intuitively that would not be in his best interest as much of a sweetheart I could feel that he was. I took him to a reputable no kill shelter and took certain steps to help him get adopted as quickly as possible so he wouldn't linger there.

Tobie was adopted within one hour and I was very glad for him. I came to understand that the woman who adopted him was Divinely Guided to go to the shelter that day at that time to adopt him. I had named him Crystal because he had such beautiful eyes, but he soon corrected me in a telepathic communication session and told me his name was "Tobie."

He said his new, assigned "JOB" was to help heal a physical condition for the woman who adopted him.
Although at first, Tobie was disappointed he couldn't live with me, when she adopted him, he realized he had a Divine Assignment to fulfill and became happy about his role and his new home when he understood.

Dear friend...I hope this article helps you understand that the pets in your life have likely come to help you, whether on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. You probably also have a Soul history with your animal companion. If you are curious about why your pet is in your life or if they have emotional or physical issues that need healing, please contact me.

In gratitude for our pets...Happy Thanksgiving

Ellie 💖
To Blue 💖

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