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"What We Can Do for the Children!
A sweet sister called me a few weeks ago, almost in tears, and said, "My grandchildren need VBS!

I said, "Let's have it then!"

Someone asked me if we could really do this? My comment was "We are the church! Of course we can! Sometimes our "mission field" is in our own backyard.

She has a great Barn and we decided we could have games and Bible lessons outside. It could even be done at a park.

We advertised on FB and by word of mouth. We decided to invite 5 year olds through those who just ended 5th grade.

We asked fellow Christians to teach classes and we hosted 38-40 children for three nights (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) from 6-8. Our goal was for them to take home one idea from the lessons every night.

We went with: 1) Why we love others. 2) Who we love. 3) How we love. They got the idea!

You will see from the pictures, It was a tremendous success!

I know there are many of you who can take the ball and run with it as well.
You could invite 5,10 or 20 children. The numbers don't matter. Every single child needs our Lord Jesus Christ in their lives and especially in the most insecure and chaotic times!

I hope you will find an opportunity to pour out your love and His love on the children whom you know who have been "cooped up" so long these past few months! We need to still find ways to model Jesus to them!
"Daughters of The King Workshop" Next Up for July 19th-23rd, Columbia, TN
We have been planning this workshop for months and we have a group of strong Christian women assembled to teach classes daily and to help our young women grow spiritually! We have been featuring those teachers in our past couple of Newsletters.

We are also planning some great fun and fellowship! Many sisters in Christ are involved in making this an outstanding event!

Due to the present circumstances, we have had some girls from out of state who will not be attending until next year, so at this writing we have room for two more young ladies.

If you have a young lady age 14-19 who would be interested in attending this four day workshop in Columbia, TN, you will find the Registration Form here:

How Did Our Country Come To Be So Divided?

Talking to God this morning, I asked Him with a breaking heart, "How did our Country get here?"

But I already knew:

1) Silencing God from every public arena.
2) Destroying the traditional family.
3) Killing our unborn children.
4) Not having to work for food, shelter, basic needs.
5) Rampant materialism. Success tied to having the most, best "stuff."
6) "Dumbing down" our children from everything that made our Nation strong. (Would most young people even know what the Constitution says or how a Republic works?)
7) Video games, (many violent), "smart phones" by the age of 8-10 full of ungodly photos and information, and constant noise from a leftist, agenda driven media.
8) The "bullies" winning the day in most every arena of life.
9) No accountability or demand for the "rule of law" applied justly and fairly to everyone.
10) Loss of respect for authority of any kind.

We can't blame God for this. It's on us! We have had our eyes closed, either by choice, distraction or intimidation.

The question now is, are we going to the logical end on this path of destruction or will we take a stand? I don't see any easy way ahead.

However, I know that God told the Israelites, "If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:14

The same God is still on the throne. Christians in our Nation right now must unapologetically "stand in the gap," seek His face, pray fervently and not give up on teaching the truth at every opportunity, (which means getting off of our comfortable pews and teaching classes for our young people and getting out of our comfortable buildings into the world. There is no "retirement" from teaching God's Word).

Being a faithful Christian has been too "easy" for us and because of that, the next generation may be persecuted for saying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!

Time is short . . . ⏳

I love you sweet sisters in Christ . . . may God bless our efforts to His glory!


Matthew 5:14-15