Chances are that when you begin going through your expense reports, one of the most glaring expenses your business has is payroll. It is possibly...
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Have you heard the news? Passwords are old-school methods of authenticating account logins. If you want to maximize the security of your...
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4 Ways to Equip Your Business With the Technology it Needs
In a world where time is a luxury that the average business owner lacks, it can be burdensome to come up with new technology initiatives....
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VoIP is the Ultimate Solution for Your Communication Woes
One major technology pain point businesses have revolves around communication. If your clients and prospects can't effectively......
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5 Common Sense Tactics to Safeguard Your Online Identity
The Internet can be a dangerous place thanks to the anonymity it provides. Yet, this anonymity is limited, especially if you......
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It's been confirmed that Samsung is getting rid of both its removable battery and MicroSD slot for its newest line of Galaxy Note devices.
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September 2015
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The UNIVAC 80/90 was a solid state computer. It could read 80 column and 90 column punch cards.
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