“PCCAPS is different because you can enjoy a math or physics class, but PCCAPS actually puts into perspective what a career in that field would look like and what it would involve - it helps you figure out if that is actually what you want to do.”

-Riley Barnhardt, PCCAPS student 

The biggest hurdles in Riley's PCCAPS project didn’t happen on the ground in Malawi, which is where her huge, multi-layered, multi-team project is still unfolding…

It happened right here, when she and her fellow PCCAPS business solutions team had to navigate some local red tape:

“One of the main challenges was actually pulling off a Crumbl cookie fundraiser. It was difficult to get approval. We had to figure out how to make it work. We weren’t allowed to sell directly from the student store, and we also couldn’t sell the day-of.”

How Riley and her team nimbly solved the issue, along with an even bigger one that popped up right after – and why she knows the entire process set her up for greater success...
BF students Emylee Palominos & Juliet Nava
When the notice came in to check her scholarship application status, Juliet Nava, PCHS Class of 2022 and a member of PCEF’s Bright Futures, was at work.

Here’s how Juliet describes what happened next:

I was debating whether to wait till I got home to see, but I was so anxious to find out I decided to open it then and there.

I saw the word that changed everything: ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’

My heart literally dropped and I was just in complete shock. I let out a big cheer like never before and yelled from the top of my lungs. I couldn't contain my excitement. I felt like all the sweat and tears put in these past years were worth every bit.

Learn more about Juliet's scholarship... and to find out which Bright Futures student earned a FULL RIDE to college, courtesy of the Utah Jazz...

👇🏾 👇🏽 👇🏿 👇
Suzanne Sheridan, MPES' Excellent Educator 2022
PCEF is delighted to announce an even better celebration of our Park City School District educators:

The updated program will champion our Park City educators for the entire month of May.

Plans for Excellent Educator include:

  • Educator Socials → Finally! A few chances to connect with colleagues.  
  • Names in Lights → All 680 PCSD employees named on banners on Main Street from May 5 - 25 (click here to see the map).
  • Excellent Educator Reveal → Each school votes on its Excellent Educator, who is surprised with a sweet celebration.
A Guest Editorial from PCEF's Board of Trustees was published in the Park Record on May 3, 2022. Read the full piece, below:
Running with Ed 2022's fundraising goal is $320,000.

We need your help to cross the finish line!

Funds raised by this 8-leg, 26.4-mile relay race are funneled directly into Park City's classrooms, supporting programs that positively impact every single Park City student.

Your support of PCEF through RWE registrations and donations provides a critical $320,000 for PCEF Classroom Grants.

It’s your last chance this school year to donate and support our schools. (🙏🏾 And you don't need to run to give! 🙏) Plus, it’s the most fun you’ll have supporting education in Park City.

Our teachers and schools have given so much to us - let’s give back to show our gratitude!

You can give back by volunteering as well. Many shifts and times are available - bring a friend!

Visit us at runningwithed.com!
Cynthia Mellin, Office and Operations Manager (Full-time)

Cynthia loves being a part of Park City and works with marginalized communities all over Utah to include them in conversations that support our youth and their education.

This passion brought her to Park City Education Foundation where she is the Office and Operations Manager. 
Mary Bourke, Campaign Director (Part-time)

Mary joined PCEF in September 2021. A native of Northern California, Mary joins us after a long career in campaign and annual fundraising and event planning for independent schools in the Bay Area. 
Feeling Inspired?

Please help us change the equation for every student by

Join your neighbors in our Scholar Circle.
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