The Family Connection -  March 2018
How Does Parent Effectiveness Training Improve Your Health?

(excerpted from Dr. Thomas Gordon's Teaching Children Self-Discipline)

Less Stress, Less Illness

Other positive effects can be found in families where parents have successfully used a P.E.T. type of democratic leadership. From the widely publicized scientific studies of stress conducted by the famous physiologist Hans Selye, we know that illness frequently follows high levels of stress-stress from grief, unrequited love, depression, financial losses, humiliation, emotional deprivation, and other painful events. As anyone whose mother or father was punitive and autocratic knows, life in such a family always produces a great deal of stress...
Upcoming P.E.T. Workshops!

We've just added new P.E.T. workshops which are starting soon in Irvine, Encino and Los Angeles, CA. More classes are being added frequently so be sure to c heck our P.E.T. class calendar for the most updated schedule by clicking below.

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