How Does Your Garden Grow?

A Special Message from J.T.

Spring is here! Your seeds are sown. Or are they? What did you sow? Did you sow abundance and harmony? Or did you sow what you were told to sow?

Your garden is yours and yours alone. You get to plant what you want and need. If you choose to let others plant for you, then you might miss what we have planned for you! Yes, we do have plans, dear ones. You are not riding on a chaotic, out-of-control ride at Disney World. Well, it may look chaotic and out-of-control, but let me assure you, it is not. We have plans, big plans! But, in order to fulfill these plans for you, dear souls, we need your help.

Please do not focus on the oppositions in your lives. The polarities on your planet are fiercely trying to pull you into that energy of divisiveness and disagreement. Stand strong. Listen to your own inner truth, not others' truths, and believe in your ability to discern what is for your highest good.

To do this, you must stay in high frequency. We understand the pull of your planet -- it really does look like everyone has gone nuts. But remember, from my view, all is in alignment. We invite you to see it this way, also.

Your job right now is to stay clear, and focus on your own path. We invite you to not get caught up in the polarities. All is well. No fighting is required.

Meditate, connect with us, and understand there is a plan.

During the May meditation (Thursday, May 4th - scroll down to the "Free Meditation" info below), we will be upping the ante with a special energy activation for all participants. We hope you can join us.

If you cannot, ask us for this activation during your meditations.

We want to see your gardens flourish with high frequency, abundance, harmony, and higher view understanding. This energy is here, now.

As always, please invite me into your meditations and connections! I am here to help!


Healing with the Ascended Masters Online Course!

Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are very high frequency energies who have incarnated on our planet as Master Teachers, and are now in energy form to help us on our path and with our energy. Their focus is to teach us and help us heal energy patterns that might hold us from being who we came here to be.

What you will learn in this class:

You will learn about some of the Ascended Masters and work with those whose specific job is healing on that energetic level. You will learn how to connect with the Ascended Master assigned to your healing, and how to allow this high frequency healer to assist you.

This is a special self-guided online class with 24/7 access, designed to assist you in healing at the cellular level!

Click the button below for more information!


This course is part of the Psychic Learning Center Short Course Series.

Please see the website for more courses!

An Online Presence Is A Must!

Calling All Lightworkers! It is time to be be seen!

Sharing your light and your work is critical! It really isn’t that hard creating an online presence. You might just need a little help to get you going.

We will work together to bring your work to life!

Third Eye Web Design:

Sarina, The Psychic Geek

I was a QA software engineer before I was a psychic medium, and have been building websites since 1998. My mission now is to help Lightworkers with their online presence. My fees are very low compared to other web design services, and I truly do understand the bridge between the tech world and the etheric world.

If your Peeps have been nudging you to "get it together," please click the button below so you can see my offerings and work.

I would love to help you have the presence required to fulfill your purpose of service to others. Please let me know if you have any questions!


I also update and maintain existing websites.

If yours needs a facelift, let me know!

Animal Reiki Teacher Certification and Training

For Current Usui Reiki Master Teachers!

Animals love Reiki! In this class, you will learn how to teach others how to use Reiki on animals. We focus on dogs, cats and horses, however, Reiki can be used on any animal.

The instruction includes:

  • Learning about animal chakras
  • How working with animals differs from their human companions
  • The Animal Reiki Symbol activation
  • Using the Animal Reiki Certification manual
  • Access to all manuals and information to use in your own classes free of charge.
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher Manual
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Since this is a Zoom class, we will be using our own animals or substitutes for practice, such as stuffed animals as representatives.

When: Thursdays, May 11th & 18th 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

Where: Zoom

Cost: $1295 $495 Usually, this class through other teachers is much more expensive. We want to keep this affordable, and the fee can be broken into 2 payments if needed.

Use the button below to register and for more information!


Training Survey

I am revising my training schedules and would love to get your input! Do you like training on weeknights, weekends, both?

Please take a moment to fill out the survey so I can schedule training for days and times you can join! It is just a question or two, and I would so appreciate your time!

Free Monthly Zoom Meditations

In these intention meditations, we use Universal energy for intention setting, and connect to the Crystalline Grid. Beginners welcome! We will be doing a meditation, so be sure to have a quiet space available!

Please note, this meditation will not be recorded.

Upcoming Meditation Dates

Thursday, May 4th

Wednesday, June 21st

Monday, July 3rd

Tuesday, August 1st

Wednesday, August 30th

Thursday, September 21st

Monday, November 27th

Wednesday, December 20th

All Meditations via Zoom

4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Class Fee: FREE


Join me in Washington, D.C.!

I'm heading to D.C. for the International Association of Near Death Studies Annual Conference for Labor Day Weekend!

J.T. and I will be speaking, as well as teaching a workshop. We will also be doing readings in the Healing Room at designated times. Many other wonderful healers will also be on hand for all of you healing needs.

These conferences are just incredible and have been life changing for me and other attendees, not to mention a great place to meet other like-minded souls. Registration isn't open yet, but if you click the button below, you can get on the email list to be notified when it is.

I hope you will join us!

Also, there is a link on the website to book your room at the conference hotel. IANDS has a fabulous discount on these rooms, so be sure to take advantage of this hotel pricing!

See you in D.C.!


Happy Mother's Day!

Sending love and hugs to all mothers

I still remember my first Mother's Day without J.T. I felt lost. I still had two beautiful children, and I was still the mother of three children, but it was so surreal without him here to help me celebrate.

I hadn't yet found I could communicate with him, so the ache to know he was okay hurt deeply. It would be a few more months before I discovered my gift. And then everything changed.

When I did "find" him again, and knew he was okay, I was able to relax just a little bit. I could focus on my healing, and not wonder where J.T. was.

This Mother's Day, I want to offer this to you -- to know your loved one is okay. For the month of May, I have a special 15 minute Connecting phone session for only $50 (regular price is $75). This is exclusively for connecting to loved ones on the other side, human and furry. No coupon code needed. Just click on the button below to schedule.

It made such a huge difference in my grief process to know where my son was, what he was doing now, and that he was okay. I was able to focus on me and my family, instead of worrying about him.

Special Connecting Session

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