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 How Emotions Affect our Health

                                                                    September 27, 2011 


Health is more than the absence of disease or even having good energy, digestion, memory, etc. Health is functioning optimally and having a degree of harmony and happiness in life.

All emotions are natural otherwise we wouldn't have them; however, when emotions such as grief, fear or anger are not experienced and cleared they can get suppressed  and undermine our happiness and connection to life as well as our physical health.

In this video clip I talk about some of my observations over the years of how emotions and our state of mind has an impact on our health and a few things we can do to get these trapped emotions moving and cleared from our field.


                                           How Emotions Affect our Health

How Emotions Affect our Health
How Emotions Affect our Health

Emotions are a powerful influence on our health and quality of life. Choices we make in terms of who and what we associate with, our willingness of be open and truthful and our capacity to forgive will influence which emotions predominant our life experience.

I hope you enjoyed the video clip and I welcome your feedback and comments.

James Jordan, JD, CNC, CMTA
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