Eric's Story
How Eric's Story is Making a Difference

As INTERPRO approaches its  quarter-century in business, we are inviting you, our friends and colleagues, to share your story - a monthly
"Quote for the Quarter"  that describes what is meaningful in your life. Stories that are selected are also followed by a financial contribution from INTERPRO to the author's charity of choice.  This month, we feature Eric Adams from Messer Construction. Here is an excerpt from our interview with him:
I have worked on cars my whole life, and looking back, I remember how frustrated I used to get when I found a rusted bolt.  This isn't part of the plan! Over time, I started to realize just how much energy I wasted - having to not only replace the bolt, but taking up time to air my frustration - and it seems to me that this is a great illustration for how I want to live my life.  Replace the
Car being repaired
rusted bolts, but don't waste energy on
how that's getting in the way of progress toward the  goal.  Focus on what's important. Focus on what really matters. Things are going to rust and fall apart and will need replacing.  But how I re spond to that is the key.  We never know how things are going to turn out, and I want to remember that, even when I'm tired or frustrated or confused, maybe there's a way to turn whatever I'm doing - planned or not - into progress. 
- Eric Adams


Eric has asked that we make a donation in his name to St. Joseph Home in Cincinnati - for more information on what they do for the community, Click Here.



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