How Frequent Are Chronic Care Patient Visits?

How Frequent Are Chronic Care Patient Visits?

How Frequent Are Chronic Care Patient Visits?

 How Often Are Chronic Care Patients Seen?The frequency of encounters for patients with chronic care management needs is most often scheduled on an as-needed basis, according to the 2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Chronic Care Management. The survey also looked at the percentage of organizations that schedule these patient encounters weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annually.

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The desire to improve health outcomes for individuals with serious illness coupled with opportunities to generate additional revenue have prompted healthcare providers to step up chronic care management initiatives. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services now reimburses physician practices for select chronic care management (CCM) services for Medicare beneficiaries, with more private payors likely to follow suit.

2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Chronic Care Management documents emerging trends in chronic care management, resulting in a comprehensive set of best practices and benchmarks on care coordination for individuals with complex health conditions.

This market data also includes analysis and guidelines on use of CMS' CPT codes for Chronic Care Management.

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This 40-page report assembles a wealth of metrics on eligibility requirements, reimbursement trends, promising protocols, challenges and ROI.

Breaking down findings by high-responding industry sectors, this report includes the following data points:

  • Prevalence of programs for chronic care management;
  • Criteria for admission to a chronic care management program;
  • Tools to identify and risk-stratify individuals for CCM;
  • Key components of chronic care management initiatives;
  • Primary responsibility for CCM;
  • Frequency of CCM patient visits in 12-month period;
  • Modalities for CCM interactions;
  • Reimbursement trends for CCM, including structure of CCM payments;
  • The most successful tools, process or workflows employed in chronic care management, in respondents' own words;
  • Challenges and successes resulting from CCM; and
  • Impact of CCM on the key metrics of clinical outcomes, care quality, medication adherence, patient experience, hospice use, hospitalizations and readmissions, ER visits, mortality, and reimbursement;
  • The complete January 2015 Chronic Care Management survey tool;
and much more.

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Benchmark reports to be released in the upcoming weeks will cover care plans, data analytics and integration and other key topics impacting the healthcare industry in the coming months.

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