November 2019
How GaHIN Helps Connect Communities of Care
GaHIN is the state-designed health information exchange (HIE) for Georgia, facilitating the real-time exchange of patient health data among physicians, hospitals, state agencies and other organizations – within the state and nationally.
Rather than build separate connections to a large number of different organizations, GaHIN delivers a “one and done” service. Providers, health systems and other caregivers that connect to GaHIN no longer have to worry about individual connections – instead they can exchange information through the GaHIN Network.
Here’s how GaHIN supports different types of care providers:
Physicians GaHIN facilitates the secure exchange of patient health information so providers have patient information at the point of care. By establishing a trusted network with existing health networks, GaHIN facilitates the delivery of the right health information to the right provider at the right time at the right location – offering Georgians safer, timelier and better care.
Hospitals/Health Systems – Hospitals are often the connecting point for a healthcare community, working with owned and independent physician groups and specialists, short-term and long-term care facilities, rehabilitation services, social services, state and national government departments, and many more groups. By joining Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN), hospitals and health systems can connect to a much broader range of organizations and improve the quality of care provided to patients.
Other Care Providers – There are many different organizations involved in providing patient care. Services from GaHIN help connect all of those involved in the care delivery process from physicians and hospitals to long-term care facilities and even ambulances.
Patients – Patients may not be able to connect directly with the Network, but they certainly benefit when their caregivers do. With GaHIN, medical records are instantly available to authorized physicians, allowing them to deliver the best treatment possible. This is especially critical in emergency situations, when having access to a patient’s complete medical history is essential for diagnosis and treatment. 
Are you a member? Do you know someone who should be?
Whether you’re a physical therapist, hospice provider, nursing home or physician, joining GaHIN offers access to more information so you can deliver better care. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best way to connect.
GaHIN Website Offers Useful Information
Wondering if a state agency, hospital or local provider is connected to GaHIN? Need to find a GeorgiaDirect email address? The information you need may be available on the GaHIN website.
Connected members: a comprehensive list of connected members is updated monthly on the Member Listing page of the website. This includes state agencies, health systems, regional HIE connections, CMOs, national connections and more. You can also find out how many providers are connected, the approximate number of patients registered and the types of clinical documents shared.
GeorgiaDirect Directory: if you want to send information to another provider, GeorgiaDirect makes it easy. This secure email system supports up to 40 attachments, including large image files. Find the addresses you’re seeking on the Directory page, which lets you search based on organization name, provider name or ZIP code.
Other resources on the GaHIN website include past issues of the newsletter, upcoming health IT events, interactive coverage maps and GaHIN policies and agreements.
Got an idea for the website? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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