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The new year is quickly approaching and we would like to remind you that it is time to renew your GardenComm Membership for 2021, at the 2020 rate of just $125. The dues were scheduled to go up $10 to $135 in 2021 but the board recognized how challenging 2020 has been and voted to approve as is. Your membership will expire on December 31, 2020 so don’t wait to continue getting all these great benefits and more.
How GardenComm Membership Has Helped Members Succeed
"Our green industry members are there to help us whether we are writing articles or writing books. While writing my Shrubs & Hedges book, I needed some information on new plants. I wrote to Spring Meadow Nursery's PR team to find out about new plants in the Proven Winner lineup - especially hydrangeas. Not only did I receive a lengthy list of hydrangeas for my book, but I received an invitation to stay at the Writer's Cottage at Spring Meadow Nursery. Two days immersed in viewing new plants gave me countless photos for my new book and wonderful information regarding up-and-coming new plants. Having industry connections goes a long way for the writer and it couldn't have happened without my membership in GardenComm."

GardenComm Member Since 1997
“As a member of GardenComm and prior to that Garden Writer's Association, since 1997, I have found the GardenComm horticultural Press Pass paves the way in two ways. It saves on the cost of an entrance fee to the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show aka MANTS and much more importantly, I am able to introduce myself as a serious garden writer when dealing with those who publish garden books. Of course, I also make each publisher aware of my readership that consists of Master Gardeners as well as the general public. I am pleased to say that my many requests, over the years, for a new or recent "review copy" (at no cost) of a garden book has never been turned down.” 

GardenComm Member Since 1997
“When I went to write my book, I had questions about using my photos of other people’s gardens on garden tours. A few quick emails back and forth, and I had an answer. GardenComm’s legal advice benefit is worth the membership alone! And the answer is, yes, you can use them.”

GardenComm Member Since 2016
"$89,000 and counting. That’s how much I have billed from one connection made through GardenComm alone. Of course, I wasn’t just handed a check after a chance meeting on a bus tour; there was follow-up and consistent delivery of what the client was looking for on my end. But without the opportunity to get face-to-face with an industry connection, I would never have been able to get my foot in the door to earn that kind of cash. I’ve also been able to hire other GardenComm members to work with the same client. And by the way, that figure doesn’t include the other projects and article assignments I either placed directly through GardenComm pitch sessions or as a result of ideas I got on story tours."

GardenComm Member Since 2016
"Why GardenComm? Because you meet great people like Deb Wiley, Katie Elzer-Peters, and many others who give you the confidence and courage to put your work out there. Meet my fifth book. Another book of gardening humor, but this time with animals!"

GardenComm Member Since 2009
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