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My name is Cathy Harris at and I am the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, 2 gardening books and at least 26 non-fiction books total at I am also a Natural and Holistic Healer and a GMO Educator.


I have created the group "Health Healers Unite" at and obtained the weblink at, where I connected the link to my already "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" and "Brothers Building Gardens" food initiatives and movement.

Our main goal is to unite “Health Healers” from around the world and encourage them to go online or get into their communities and start healing people.

We will be holding regular Zoom presentations to bring these healers together and those needing help are invited to be a part of this platform.


'Sound of Freedom' Trailer

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The movie that will change the world. After the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), early next year this movie, "Sound Of Freedom" about rescuing children should be released.

This will probably be the 'last-ditch' effort to #WakeUpTheSheep. If people don't wake up by then -- there is a good chance they will never wake up and will continue to live in a sad and depressed 3rd Dimension reality. It is as simple as that.


They said Adrenchrome gives you a feeling of taking LSD and it supposedly is supposed to keep you young. This is why many movie stars were involved in Sex, Human and especially Child Trafficking and Pedophilia.

They extract the blood from the adrenaline glands of frightened children. They really prefer kids ages 3 - 11 and especially African American children.

Remember the "Atlanta Child Murders" (Adrenochrome and organ harvesting) -- where 28 kids went missing over a 2 year period. For years they had said the person arrested was innocent.

Actor Tom Hanks was one of the largest Adrenochrome distributors in the country especially on the west coast for the movie stars in #Hellyweird (Hollywood, Pedowood). He has been GITMOED...probably executed.

Movie Clip

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This movie "Death Becomes Her" is a classic and many people did not know they were talking about Adrenochrome to keep you young. All the men stars were born women and the women in the movie were born men (#Transgenders).


Movie Clip

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (10/10) Movie CLIP - Too Much Adrenochrome (1998) HD

These movie stars, Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro, were both born females -- so they are #Transgenders.


Movie Clips



When a Stranger Calls --

Have You Checked the Children?

Why You Must Get Involved With the #SaveTheChildren National and International Campaigns

How Hollywood Ruined

This Country

This article was basically supposed to be about what happened to the missing children in this country. You know the ones that end up on milk cartons.

However, you can't discuss missing children unless you discuss the other topics in this article - which are adrenochrome, transgenderism, and Hellywood.

Children are the most vulnerable and weakest members of our society. They depend on us for everything.

If you can read this article and not get involved with the #SaveTheChildren national and international campaigns -- then that says very little about you.

No one is asking you to go to another country and rescue children. Your involvement can be to simply help spread the word to others. Can you do that -- in the name of humanity?

What Happened To The Good Old Family Value System?

I still believe we can get back to the good old family value system. With prices going back to the 50s as we transition into the "Golden Age" with Nesara/Gesara, now is the time for all of us to change our level of thinking.

This means we will have to take an active part to make changes not just in our lives -- but the lives of our families, communities and others that we love so much.

As a 64 year-old Baby Boomer, I grew up with a terrific family value system. Even though my father and mother believed in discipline in the household, I often look back and call those days #TheGoodTimes.

Everything we ate came from the land. We planted and harvested our own foods -- and we were healthy.

Back in the day, we all had respect -- especially for our elders. We can get back there by treating others -- everyone -- with respect and dignity -- especially our elders.

We need to seriously look at and support a #BringBackMommas initiative as an #HumanitarianProject -- in every household. When mothers and grandmothers were actively involved in families -- this is when families thrived.

Hollywood's Devilish Agenda

It will take a village for us to get back to where we started years ago. But we can do it! We need to just start looking out for each other again.

Today because parents -- especially single mothers -- are working 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet, the television in many households is raising children.

And what are they showing on television -- unlike when I came up. Hollywood showed movies on TV about killing kids and sacrificing them in Satanist Cult Worshipping ceremonies for years.

No topic was taboo for Hollywood. Why -- because Hollywood runs MAINSTREAM MEDIA and ACADEMIA.

In other words -- they were pretty much the boss of us. They used these movie stars and other entertainers to spread sinister messages in the media especially -- why everyone should take vaccinations and many people (#Sheep) just did what they suggested.

Understand that most people are followers. They just don't want to think for themselves. They went along with pretty much anything these movie stars, entertainers, and politicians suggested.

These are the people we call #Sheep today because they are #Asleep and living in a sad and depressed 3rd-dimensional reality.

Most of them got the vaccination and are still wearing masks despite the fact that many others have resumed their lives.

Hollywood has its place in society, but it should not have been a place that ruled the entire world. But it did. It was how we went from our old family value system -- to such an unruly, devilish society.

How They Indoctrinated Families in Their Homes

They indoctrinated families from the crib to the grave for many years. Many grew up with dreams to become the next big thing or movie stars -- especially over the last few years when reality TV hit mainstream.

They made untalented people (mostly those who were transgendered) into movie stars and entertainers -- while using them to spread even more sinister messages on and off the screen.

By bringing in more transgendered people from their transgendered schools (new actors and entertainers that you never saw before) -- they were able to push their transgender agenda, which is to legalize pedophilia.

I can bet you there are gay and transgendered men behind the cameras and this is also why they portray dark-skinned black women as prostitutes and other negative characters.

This is how they were able to come inside people's homes and get them to turn over their children to them.

They put hidden pornographic messages on channels like the Disney Channel and Netflix is the streaming channel for Hollywood.

This is why they feature a majority of pornographic and occult shows on this channel. Netflix picked up Harvey Weinstein's movies after he was imprisoned.

Not only did the Disney Channel feature pornographic pictures but Disneyland had tunnels at their establishment to kidnap children.

The pedophile logo appeared on children's games and clothing lines and they were selling and buying children through the Nike and Wayfair companies.

TV commercials featuring businesses had the pedophile logo on signs outside of businesses -- telling customers this is where you can find a child to rape or buy adrenochrome.

They found out that Chuckie Cheese, especially after they started selling beer in their establishments, had child dungeons in their basements.

And while all this was taking place, you left your kids at home to be raised by the television. And to this day -- many of you are still allowing your children to watch TV or use phones and tablets to view online shows.

Stop it now and use these platforms instead for educational platforms to start growing good, clean, organic foods and start businesses.

How They Indoctrinated Families in Educational Institutions

Obama came in during his 8 years and forced schools to allow transgendered students to use the restroom with other students or he threatened to hold back their funding.

These were girls who were forced to use the same restroom as boys. Physical Education (PE) was taken out of schools in order to hide who was transgendered and who was not.

During the 8 year Obama administration, because he was married to a #TransgenderedMale (aka "Big Mike) -- Obama used his platform to further enhance the rights of the gay and transgender community and many movie stars and entertainers came out of the closet to support him.

In colleges and universities, many educated professionals who were transgendered were able to ease their way into academia and other influential positions.

They then used their positions to make sure that students especially those who joined sororities and fraternities were further indoctrinated into their way of thinking.

Because of the indoctrination and the financial pressure, these educational institutions put on many students -- some end up killing themselves. Others ended up falling into a maze of sadness and depression.

Now they have #Transgenders reading to young children in libraries. So academia has certainly played a major role in indoctrinating families into their culture.

Instead of educating students and preparing them for the real world, academia has done nothing but taken away HOPE from students.

The more educated you are today -- many times -- chances are -- these are the people that will remain in a 3rd-dimensional reality -- a reality of sadness, depression, and darkness.

Hollywood Transgender Community

Most people, especially in Hollywood including all Actors, Entertainers, Singers, Dancers including Politicians, Newscasters and Sports Figures are transgenders. And their community has an AGENDA to legalize pedophilia.

The elite has been forcing people to become transgenders in order for them to gain fame and fortune since the Shakespearean days or even before that.

They also force them to transgender their kids by raising their girls as boys and boys like girls. Many of the kids even fought back and some even ended up committing suicide.

They have even passed laws today that state you don't have to put a gender on a birth certificate. They want kids ages 3 and older to pick their own genders. This is absolute craziness!

Many went along with this AGENDA but some did not. Some got out and others who tried to leave after signing a blood contract were killed.

Blood contracts in Hollywood are real. For instance, it is said that Jennifer Hudson, who was born male, had her family killed and Kayne West had his mother killed. There are Hollywood whistleblowers speaking out on this.

Why So Many Non-Believers

People look at Hollywood - the Actors, Directors, Producers and other entertainers such as Actors, Singers, Rappers, Dancers, etc. that make up the entertainment industry as some type of family member -- even though these people wouldn't speak to you if you paid them.

I personally lost many friends when it came out that Oprah Winfrey had used her Boca Raton, FL home to traffic children.

Many are not yet ready to believe that Hollywood is an evil entity. They still view these people as some type of family member and even a hero or shero for being in the entertainment industry.

These are the people you need to get away from and get a new circle of acquaintances. They will continue to support these people no matter what devilish agenda is exposed in Hollywood.

The Current Plight of Hollywood

Hollywood (aka "Hollyweird" and "Pedowood") is finally dead. This is because for years many families turned their kids over to Hollywood and they did what they wanted to these kids.

Hollywood Satanic Cult worshippers used children especially in ceremonies -- where they were molested, raped, their blood harvested for adrenochrome, their organs harvested and some were even eaten on a daily basis. Yes, they are eating your children too.

Now the SURVIVORS -- child whistleblowers are speaking the truth about what happened to them when they were young and what they witnessed.

As a former government whistleblower myself, (, whistleblowers have always been what this country really needed in order to make real, significant changes and they are indeed -- true American heroes.

Stop being naive and do your own research. The truth is not hidden under a rock. It is out there. You must come out in support of these children -- #SaveTheChildren.

Hollywood Created Social Media

When Social Media -- which was created by Hollywood -- came on the scene, all physical newspapers and media had to go online or go out of business.

This is how they, Hollywood (Academia and Media) used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to set up operations to kidnap children. It became much easier for them to kidnap children everywhere.

Even families who were just sharing innocent pictures of their kids online -- these pictures ended up on pornographic websites.

I tried to warn parents for years to stop sharing pictures of their kids on social media. I don't even share pictures of my adult children on social media. And they don't put pictures of me on there either.

Just remember if these evil people take a liking to your children's pictures, it's pretty easy for them to get your address.

At one point everyone's addresses and phone numbers were on google and the google platform is evil.

Never forget before everything closed down in March 2020, many women were on social media screaming about almost being abducted from their homes, jobs and even stores.

These potential kidnapping plots were carried out through ride-share programs such as Uber and Lyft also.

However, many people especially single females are still using them. There is nothing to stop them from starting these kidnapping operations again.

There were big, black cars parked in the back of stores just kidnapping people. Many women and their children -- were followed home and probably taken days later -- when they came up missing.

These are kidnapping operations so they can harvest your organs, your kid's organs, or their blood for adrenochrome, and for other sinister reasons.

They won't be able to capture all of these perverts either so if you keep putting your family's pictures online -- you will keep putting them at risk. Just remember that!

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