In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, what if home isn't the safest  optionFor many victims of relationship violence, this is a reality. 

As COVID-19 restrictions tighten, the combination of stay-at-home mandates, unemployment, school closures and other factors are contributing to the stress and volatility of already abusive relationships. Staying home for victims of relationship violence can be life threatening. 

Our programs are needed now more than ever and we are committed to keeping our doors open during this crisis to serve families in need, like Ashley's. 
Ashley's Story
Just a few days after the COVID-19 shutdowns began, Ashley knocked on our door. After a fierce argument, Ashley's partner kicked her and her daughter out of the car into the pouring rain and told them that he hoped they would get sick.  Fortunately, someone who had witnessed what happened referred Ashley to Human Options. Our doors were open and we were ready to help. We immediately provided Ashley and her daughter resources and continue to support them on their journey of healing. 
How We Are Helping Right Now: 
How You Can Help
We need your support to help families like Ashley's and keep our life-saving programs and services available during this difficult time. 

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