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How International Students Can Fund Their Education In America
By Gary S. Wolfe
In Andy Semotiuk’s previous Forbes articles, he discussed How A Foreign Film Student Can Break Into Hollywood Through An Investor Visa.

In his latest column, Andy expands the investment from film into music using legendary composer Lamont Dozier as an example.

"…Filmmaking is not the only area where these visas could be beneficial for student tuitions and working in the United States. The same plan I outlined using David Ward as an example in film, could be implemented with someone like Lamont Dozier in setting up a record label. As a Grammy winning song writer who has written over 50 number 1 hits, including songs for some of Motown’s greatest stars, Dozier's music could serve as an excellent foundation for a foreign investor willing to invest say, $750,000 U.S. to obtain a collection of say 12 new songs Dozier could write for a new foreign owned label, that would facilitate working in the music business in the U.S.

Lamont Dozier, legendary American songwriter and music producer could help a foreign music student by contributing 12 new songs to a new record label created to help the student work and stay in America.

In short, while difficult, foreign parents can find ways to pay for their children to study in the United States and get ahead in life. Apart from the traditional methods mentioned in this article, the investor visa route provides another way to ease the financial cost for those families interested in getting involved in the film or music industries."