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March 2016

As INTERPRO approaches its quarter-century in business, we are inviting you, our friends and colleagues, to share your story - a monthly "Quote for the Quarter" that describes what is meaningful in your life.  Stories that are selected are also followed by a financial contribution from INTERPRO to the author's charity of choice.  This month, we feature Jeffrey Hosmer.


Megamorphosis is a term I used to describe the major, long-term transition in the Cincinnati church that I served as pastor for nearly twenty-two years.  Megamorphosis referred particularly to our missional awareness and hands-on participation in the local community.  One of the prime examples at Northminster Presbyterian Church was the Family Life Center (FLC). 

Two decades ago we convened a strategic planning team to "dream dreams and see visions" (Joel 2:28).  The FLC was first conceived by that team. We were in the midst of a major building campaign but looking ahead to what was next. Several team members and staff had begun to research and benchmark ministries with families and persons going through crises such as grief, divorce, unemployment, and caregiving.  When a house adjoining the church suddenly became available in 1998, I departed from a prepared sermon to envision how that property across the parking lot would be an excellent space for hosting new ministries. By mid-afternoon we had a signed sales agreement! Our leadership corps probably set a Presbyterian speed record for doing things "decently and in order."
Journey To Hope

After more than fifteen years in operation the FLC became a high-profile, local mission, involving dozens of volunteers as facilitators and hosts, directed by one of the church's most effective staff members.  And the megamorphosis continued when the FLC officially launched last year as a separate, dynamic, non-profit organization, called Journey to Hope.   Annually more than a thousand clients from all over Cincinnati experience the love of God through support groups, coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops.

-- Jeff Hosmer

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