June 14, 2020
Protests move faster than my hand can draw. This process forced me to think intentionally about what's happening in the moment versus what's remembered. Who is being centered, what images are the most exciting for us –especially the Twitter crowd– and which are never documented.” - Ruth Tam ( @ruthetam)

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The Asian American Journalists Association stands in solidarity with our black colleagues during this challenging time. Just as we stand up to racism against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, we stand up to racism against the black community, including the targeted and violent actions toward journalists of color during the protests of the last week.
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  • June 23: AAJA Chicago Journalism Jobs in the Era of COVID-19 - more info to come (must be member of the AAJA Chicago Facebook Group to access this poster)

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  • Maria Patricia Nabong for her new role as visual journalist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

  • Michael Yamashita, the 2020 recipient of the ninth annual Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) special ‘Photography Appreciation Award’.

"My fellow managers, really listen. Give us the space to tell our stories in our way. We can be fair and accurate — but we should not abandon part of ourselves along the way. Reexamine what you mean when you ask us to be objective. Build a bigger table so more of us can be involved in decisions. And learn to sit with discomfort."

- Doris Truong
“If Maria is convicted and locked up for doing her work, the message to other journalists and independent voices is clear: Keep quiet, or you’ll be next. Let’s hope that on Monday a trial judge in Manila will send a very different message. And that if she doesn’t, we will see a robust response.”

- Amal Clooney

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