At “ e” inc., we believe that individual and group activism is a key ingredient to making lasting change for the planet. This is especially important when pressing for changes in climate
policies. We can think of no better example, in recent memory, where action was used well, than the September Climate Strike engineered and carried out by youth across our city and our Commonwealth.

“e” inc. was proud to be one of several organizations voicing their disappointment and distress regarding the lack of solutions and action about Earth’s Climate Emergency.

At our CLIMATE STRIKE table, hundreds of people: youth from across Greater Boston, parents with young children, adults and seniors, used our materials to create over 300 placards that gave voice to their concerns. In addition, hundreds added papers to our Action Wall – sharing their thoughts about the question “Why are you at the STRIKE?”

Since our beginnings, “e” inc. has always promoted action as a central element in its work with children, youth, and adults. In order to shape a world that is humane, it is imperative to not only understand the science of our planet but to also commit to conserve and protect it.

From plastics in the seas to massive wildfires to environmental refugees, our world is strained.
How we address these challenges in the next few years will matter more than anything else we do. Are we brave enough to take a giant leap toward simplicity? Can we do with less and see such a shift as the way forward?

“e” inc. was honored to be at the CLIMATE STRIKE with its message of ACTION. This is the selfsame action we, at “e” inc., teach in every one of our science classes every single day. Conserving, protecting, making a difference. We cannot start soon enough.

Dr. Ricky Stern, Executive Director
“e” inc. -- the planet science learning & action center