Offering Homeless Services During COVID-19
"Wes's Weekly Wrap Up" Video - Shelter Tour
The LUM Emergency Shelter is open for local individuals experiencing homelessness each and every evening of the year — even during a pandemic. Read the articles below and learn how quickly LUM adapted to continue offering a safe and caring place for individuals needing a meal, shower and bed.
Meet Brandyn - Superstar LUM Volunteer
Brandyn Stack - LUM Shelter Volunteer
Brandyn Stack grew up in Mahomet, Illinois and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University. He currently lives in Lafayette with his son, Aaron (13), and their two dogs, Molly & Chelsea; and they are members of Faith Church - East in Lafayette. Brandyn works for RFA Engineering as a consultant at Caterpillar Lafayette.

At LUM, Brandyn has been volunteering with the LUM Emergency Shelter . Two years ago, while working through a difficult time for his family, Brandyn decided to “start living a Christian life once again and love and serve God.” The LUM Emergency Shelter fit his schedule and served a clientele that excited him. Brandyn soon found opportunities through his church and other agencies where he could offer his time as well as build a rapport with individuals in need. He shared that, "There are times when I get to sit down and talk with folks and have a positive impact on them and even sometimes bring them to Christ.”

Brandyn has been particularly helpful during the COVID-19 crisis and Indiana Stay-At-Home Order. When the LUM Emergency Shelter was losing volunteers, Brandyn stepped up and volunteered even more and brought his own P95 mask for protection. Dave Heckert, the LUM Emergency Shelter director, stated, “It means so much to the shelter staff when he shows up to volunteer. Brandyn has been such a blessing to LUM as well as to the community at large.”

Brandyn shared that, “No one should have to sleep outside. It gives me joy to get to know each individual, humbling to hear what they’re going through, and inspiring to know that they are on a path of recovery and forgiveness. I am happy to do a little of God's good work by helping individuals experiencing homelessness.” 

In his free time, Brandyn loves spending time with his son, Aaron. They enjoy playing advanced board games, boating, watching movies, attending live concerts
and of course volunteering at LUM together. LUM and the guests at the shelter are fortunate to have someone like Brandyn as a part of the team.
Donations of NEEDED ITEMS for LUM Shelter
COVID-19 Supplies - High Demand, Urgent Need
The LUM  Emergency Shelter  is open with a strict protocol for intake, check in, food service, and sleeping arrangements, which requires cleaning supplies, bleach, soap, masks, gloves, and specialized equipment such as thermometers and portable sinks. LUM is thankful for the support of individuals, families, groups and churches. Most recently, the Greater Lafayette Chinese Alliance Church , West Lafayette, donated 200 medical masks (pictured) and the Innovation Church , Lafayette, donated toilet paper and has scheduled a "cleaning supplies" drive. If you, your church, your company or your family wishes to make a cash donation or a donation of "needed items" to the LUM Emergency Shelter , click HERE . THANK YOU to all of the families, churches and groups that given their love and support to the LUM Emergency Shelter these past few weeks.
MEALS Prepared for LUM Shelter Guests
Individuals, Families, Churches & Companies
LUM is thankful for everyone who has prepared a meal for the guests in the Emergency Shelter during this crisis. This week, the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church , the Rev. Daniel Eggold, and his son delivered the shelter meal (pictured). THANK YOU  to all of the families, churches and groups that provided meals these past few weeks including Central Catholic School, the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Cook Research-Medical, Elmwood Church of Christ, Federated, Grace Lutheran, Knights of Columbus, St. Alexis Orthodox, St. Andrew United Methodist, and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center.

If you, your church, your company or your family wishes to  Prepare a Meal  for the LUM Emergency Shelter , your options are as follows:
  • Prepare & Serve | Prepare & Drop-off
  • Donate the Cost of Meal
  • Donate Food for a Meal
For more information on preparing shelter meals and to sign up online, click  HERE .
Some LUM Donors "Pay It Sideways"
Some Have Donated Stimulus Money to LUM
Many people around the nation have decided to give some or all of their Economic Impact Payment to those who need it most. Some people are giving their "stimulus money" directly to people they know who could use the financial boost. Other people are giving the money to nonprofit organizations that can be trusted to extend help quickly to families in need.

In the past week Lafayette Urban Ministry has been the grateful recipient of stimulus funds from a variety of people. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic LUM continues to be right on the front lines of our community, helping people with emergency financial assistance, nutritious food, and safe shelter. LUM is putting all donations - of money, of gift-in-kind, of time and energy - to good use.

If you have decided to use your stimulus money to help others less fortunate and don't know how, LUM is a great option. LUM enables people to give anonymously and with the peace of mind that the gift will be well-utilized to quickly help people in our local community.
LUM Protein Food Pantry Open to Families
Consider a Donation | Sponsor a Food Drive
The LUM Protein Food Pantry is one of the few downtown pantries still open and providing food to local families during this crisis. The pantry has imposed stricter health & safety protocols including moving food distribution outside, setting up social-distancing check in lines, using portable sinks for hand washing, and requiring our staff & volunteers to wear gloves & masks. Thank you to the dedicated team of food pantry volunteers. LUM could not do it with them. Here are Four Ways that YOU can support the LUM Protein Food Pantry :
  1. Make a Monetary Donation - that will be used to purchase meat, eggs, produce & paper products from the food bank. To donate online, click HERE
  2. Donate Needed Items - Food & Paper Products - Urgent need for toilet paper & paper towels. To view "needed items" list, click HERE
  3. Food Drive - Sponsor a food drive, collect & donate food items & paper products. To view "needed items" list, click HERE
  4. Volunteer - For more details and to sign up to volunteer, click HERE