March 1st, 2019
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Employee theft, physical attack and stolen machine keys are facts of life for vending operators. It is not a question of “if” such events will occur, but “when.”

Fortunately, lock technology has advanced and made it possible to minimize the chances of having equipment burglarized. These advances have made it possible to manage the “people” factor more efficiently.

 Vending Technology News recently sat down with Joey Dalessio, general manager of GS Davidson , a distributor specializing in OEM products, to discuss measures for protecting vending machines and micro markets from unauthorized access.

The Nayax mobile payment app has become the first payment partner to integrate with Visa’s suite of sensory branding cues. 

Nayax’s Monyx Wallet , which supports digital payments for vending machines for users in 21 countries, will allow customers to experience Visa’s sensory branding suite when they buy a product or reload credit using their Visa card. Nayax leveraged Visa’s developer platform to integrate with its Monyx Wallet app.

Visa offers a branded suite of sound, animation and haptic cues  to support the trust, security and convenience of its brand. The combination of sound, vibration and the animated Visa logo alerts consumers that their payment has been authorized and the transaction has completed.

Castles Technology International Corp. , a manufacturer of payment hardware solutions, and SUZOHAPP , a provider of software and hardware cash management solutions, recently entered into a multi-year partnership agreement, which includes the co-development and delivery of next-generation cashless terminals within sales channels throughout the global unattended marketplace.

The partnership enables SUZOHAPP to white label and resell Castles’ family of cashless payment hardware solutions, bundled with their services. The result is that each company’s business partners obtain cashless payment hardware solutions that are backed with highest levels of PCI and EMV compliance, lower their overhead costs, capture new revenue streams, and empower their end users with independence and flexibility.

Crane Merchandising Systems has introduced simplifi BI (business intelligence) analytics and VendMAX 5.0.12. simplifi is Crane’s next generation cloud platform that enables operators to manage their electronic payments, machine health and configuration and business operations.

simplifi marks the industry’s first solution to embed a business intelligence and data analytics package. BI Analytics is the newest simplifi module that allows users to gain data insights from interactive, analytical dashboards and customizable reporting.

simplifi BI Analytics is powered by data sourced from simplifi Enterprise or VendMAX.
VendMAX 5.0.12, the latest release of the company’s vending management software, includes integration to simplifi BI Analytics. VendMAX customers can now access areas of their operational data from anywhere, anytime.

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