January 2017   
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Ever have one of these conversations with a spouse or partner? 

Amy: "Remember last weekend when my parents were here?"
Adam: "Yeah." He was looking at his computer, distracted.
Amy: "We were joking about living trash free for a whole year? I think I want to do it."

Your post-guest discussions probably don't result in deciding to go waste-free for a year, but that is just what Amy and Adam Korst decided to do.  The couple set a goal to produce no waste destined for the landfill for 52 weeks. Amy blogged about it, then wrote a book about their experience.  The Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Live Well by Throwing Away Less  shares firsthand knowledge gained from the Korsts' efforts. More on her book below.

Amy and Adam inspire us all to do more to reduce the amount of waste we generate each day. Eco Partners can help you inspire and educate your community about solid waste management practices that get us closer to the zero-waste goal. Please call or email me; we would love to work with you!

Let's all aim for zero! 

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
How Low Could You Go?
"Zero waste" has become a much-discussed topic. While some debate if it is even possible, Amy and Adam Korst set out to get their waste generation as close to zero as they could. 

How low did they go?  In the end, they were left with a shoe box of materials which they could not reuse or recycle. It weighed about the same as the three pounds of waste the average American throws away EACH DAY.

The Korsts were surprised to learn that it wasn't that difficult and the benefits were many. They lived more simply, spent less money, ate healthier, and were generally happier. In addition, they were helping to preserve natural resources and reduce the harmful effects of resource extraction, manufacturing, and transportation on the environment. 

How low could you go? Read our full review of this book and get ideas you could implement in our blog post.

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