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"Volunteers are at the heart of PTA advocacy.
We speak up for all children and families
to make a difference at the
local, regional, state
and national

Thank you for volunteering with your PTA.

- Lea Darrah, 2017-2019 CAPTA Director of Legislation

Sixth District's Annual Luncheon

"Effective Communication, Relationships, and PTA"
Friday, March 2, 2017  
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
David's Restaurant
5151 Stars & Stripes Drive [map]
Santa Clara
RSVP by Monday, Feb 19 (Early deadline!)
This year, our speaker will be Dianna MacDonald, President, California State PTA. She will be speaking on  "Effective Communication, Relationships, and PTA"

Developing relationships is an important part of the work that we do in PTA, in business and in our schools. With effective communication, we can create authentic relationships with our parents, administrators and community members.

Each year, parents, principals, superintendents, school board members and elected officials attend the Sixth District luncheon.  This is an excellent opportunity to hear a wonderful speaker and to meet members of your community and other PTA leaders in Sixth District.
For full details and registration form. Sign up today!
Questions: Please contact Afia Laiq, VP Organizational Services

President's Day

Ed100 has created a great set of resources to share and do with your kids to learn about the President's Day holiday, its history, as well as about America's presidents.
  • Learning Links
  • Presidents in music
  • Presidents through the Arts
  • Quizzes, Puzzles, and More

Founders Day
On  February 17, 1897,  t he first PTA meeting was held, and more than 2,000 men and women attended to create the National Congress of Mothers, whi ch eventually became the National PTA. 
Founders Day i s a perfect time to renew the dedication to the  Purposes of the PTA  that were defined by PTA's founders more than a century ago. Each year PTA honors the three founders as well as past and present leaders.
Since then PTA has been instrumental in areas of child labor, juvenile justice, education, health, safety, and more:
Child Labor Laws
Juvenile Justice System
Braille Transcription Project
Foster Care Beyond Age 18
Creation of Kindergarten Classes
Public Health Service
Mandatory Immunizations
Hot and Healthy Lunches
Arts in Education
School Safety Laws
Safe Routes to School
Bicycle Helmets
Anti-Bullying Laws
School Funding
Prop. 98 - school funding guarantee
School Bonds - lowering Prop. 13's 2/3 threshold
Celebrate the legacy of PTA and take time to reflect and take pride in our achievements, and renew our commitment as a powerful voice for all children!
* originated here in Sixth District!

Sixth District Office

The Sixth District office will be closed on Thursday, Feb 15 and Tuesday, Feb 20 and will reopen on Thursday, Feb 22.

Our office is located in the Library at the Santa Clara County Office of Education, 1290 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose. Our office is open on Tuesdays and Thursday only, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Please call 408-453-6536 before visiting or email  with any questions or requests for the office. 

CAPTA Membership Increase Challenge

CAPTA will be awarding ten $200 cash prizes to local PTAs
This challenge is easy - all you have to do is increase your membership numbers from last year! Even one more counts!
Each unit that increase its membership number over last year's number will receive a certificate and pin acknowledging the accomplishment; and will be entered into a drawing for cash prizes.
For every 50 additional members, the local unit will receive an additional drawing entry. 
No need to fill out any forms - just remit your membership dues as you usually do and we'll count the members in the state office by the end of March.

Although the deadline for this challenge is March 30, 2018, in order for Sixth District to meet this deadline for you:
  • Out-of-Councils units - please submit dues to Sixth District by Thursday, March 15.
  • In council units - please check with your council for their due date.

Finding the Best People to Lead Your PTA
Most PTA's want to have their nominating committee, find the best nominee for each position, and to have those individuals be a team that will work well together.
To help your nominating committee get started with the process, we have resources from CAPTA and Georgia State PTA:
Nominating Committee First Meeting Agenda
                                   Second Meeting Agenda
                                   Third Meeting Agenda

PTA Calendar of Essential Requirements
February 2018 -

  • Nominating Committee Needs to be Elected [Info] [Toolkit]
  • Founder's Day - February 17
  • Insurance Premium - $228 for units
  • Fiduciary Agreements - Info and Form
  • Connect with volunteers signed up for winter/spring activities

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