How Mentoring Impacted Me
Click here or on the image above to hear Sergio's story about the importance of mentorship in the lab towards success as a postdoc
NRMN Grantwriting Coaching Group Models Expand to
New Official Locations
NRMN directors and staff are working in collaboration with several newly deputized coaches to launch coaching groups at new locations from coast to coast, and beyond, in the upcoming months. 

Click here to read the full article and learn about the new location and how the models are continuing to be disseminated beyond their institutions of origin.

Health Research Talks, Episode 1:  Dr. Mona Fouad discusses Social Determinants of Health

The first video in the 8-video NRMN Health Research Talks series is now available to view.

The series begins with "What are the Social Determinants of Health and How Do They Relate to Health Disparities Research? An Overview" led by Mona N. Fouad, MD, MPH.

This is a must-see for anyone interested in learning about how a multitude of complex factors of a given social environment can impact the health of individuals and communities.
Click here or on the above image to watch this video on the NRMN website.

Synchronous Online Mentor Training Community among Twelve NIH BUILD Institutions
In the spring of 2016, twenty-one faculty, grad students, and postdocs came together from across times zones to participate in NRMN's synchronous online Research Mentor Training.
Click here to read the complete article.  

In Case You Missed It: Getting the Most Out of a Conference
iBiology and NRMN assemble panelists Dr. Manu Platt of Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, Dr. Maritza Salazar of Claremont Graduate University, and Dr. Ahna Skop of University of Wisconsin-Madison, to offer practical advice and share their experiences getting the most out of a conference to help you advance your career.
Click here or on the above image to watch in case you missed July's live Google Hangout event.

NRMN Supplement and Pilot Award Projects News Headed into Fall 2016
NRMN's five supplement award and five pilot award projects are mobilizing a series of exciting initiatives to disseminate mentorship, networking and professional development training throughout the country this fall .
Click here  or on the image above to read the full article and learn more about what this semester has in store.  
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