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How Michael's Story is Making a Difference
October 2015

As INTERPRO approaches its quarter-century in business, we are inviting you, our friends and colleagues, to share your story - a monthly "Quote for the Quarter" that describes what is meaningful in your life.  Stories that are selected are also followed by a financial contribution from INTERPRO to the author's charity of choice.  This month, we feature Michael Hyche from Process Capability Partners.


I tend to be pretty reflective and self critical in my business life.  As such, I have spent my working life making changes to my approach to a whole host of situations.  I feel that I have been moderately successful in finding better ways to plan, communicate, execute, coach, mentor, motivate, and otherwise get things done.  The wisdom of the impact of thoughtful planning really is true - you will have better outcomes the more you invest in organizing the details before an activity is underway.

It has only been recently, however, that I have realized that I need to invest my effort in the same type of thoughtful planning in my personal life.  I fondly look back on more carefree days where I felt compelled to spend time with people that I truly cared about.  It was nothing for our group of close friends to spend many hours just "hanging out" during downtime during high school and college.  We talked about profound things and ridiculous things, played cards, listened to each others' music, debated life/politics/religion, etc., etc.  These are among my strongest and most fulfilling memories - spending quality time with loved ones.  It was easier at that stage of life to do, but I'm unsure if due to breadth of obligations or maybe just priorities, I don't do it 1/1000th as much as I would like to now in middle age.  Our lives are so consumed with increasingly intense obligations to our careers and otherwise, that spending this time unintentionally vanishes.  The same level of attention to detail and thought required for good business outcomes is also required for good personal outcomes.  It is hard work to maintain relationships and plan time with loved ones, but it is worth far more than anything else.   
-- Michael Hyche


Michael has asked that we make a donation to Cincinnati Children's Neurology Department.   For more information/donate,  Click Here.

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