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Paresh Patel urged operators to view their activities as part of the customer journey.
By Jeff Adair

Mobile technology is redefining customer expectations for their shopping experience. Hence, it was no surprise that a session on how mobile payment technology is impacting customer expectations drew a huge turnout at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Michael Kasavana, Ph.D., the NAMA endowed professor emeritus, moderated the session.

Paresh Patel, founder and CEO of PayRange, started the session by describing the customer journey, which includes everything that happens to the customer before, during and after making a purchase. Patel noted the convenience services industry must scrutinize how it has improved the customer's journey rather than simply focus on saving costs and improving sales.
Paresh Patel of PayRange, left, Mike Lawlor of USA Technologies and Yair Nechmad of Nayax prepare to address the audience.
He encoura ged his listen ers to view their business activities - route management, customization, marketing, payment and post-service customer contact - within three areas: pre-purchase, purchase and post purchase .

The convenience services operator has to use the proper technology when communicating to the customer, Patel said. A millennial customer, for instance, will not call the service provider to report a service issue. They will message the service provider via social messaging.

OptConnect Headache Free Connectivity

The Evoke Snack 6 maximizes visual merchandising.
The Evoke Snack 6, a newly introduced snack merchandiser from U-Select-It, has been designed to maximize visual merchandising and improve serviceability.

The ergonomically recessed customer interface features an expandable control system and an optional 10-inch touchscreen. The full-color capacitive touchscreen offers a shopping cart purchase experience, including product calorie information. The expandable control system allows for third party customizing, including application development, interactive media and advertising, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular modem connectivity.

The payment system includes openings for cash, coin, debit and credit, with integrated support for third party devices such as EMV chip support, NFC, encrypted mag stripe and more.

The iVend guaranteed delivery system with sensors ensures the product is delivered.

The ergonomic controls, payment systems and delivery conform to ADA guidelines.

The machine holds up to seven steel trays and is configurable to almost any package size for improved merchandising flexibility.

The AIOT-MSSP01 has been designed for improved reliability.

AAEON, a provider of industrial PCs and embedded controllers, has released the AIOT-MSSP01, an industrial-grade vending controller solution.

The AIOT-MSSP01 comprises two connected boards. The main board houses the MCU host, six USB ports and a further internal USB connector. The upper, I/O board handles the majority of the vending functions.

The vending machine controller (VMC) has to be used in conjunction   with a PC unit and is compatible with most computer boards on the market. However, for best results, AAEON recommends using either the UP or UP squared innovator boards.

As the AIOT-MSSP01 is an industrial-grade controller, it will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week without glitch. This reliability marks an improvement on retail-grade VMCs, and it means operators can install either conventional or next-generation, intelligent vending machines in locations where they will be in use around the clock.

Seaga Vender Uses Vibration Controlled Delivery
The Prosper offers vibration controlled delivery.
Seaga Manufacturing Inc. recently introduced The Prosper, a beverage vender that uses a new vibration controlled delivery system with a unique dual delivery deck, enabling 18 selections from a standard size machine.

Allowing a product range of 8- to 20-ounce beverages, The Prosper has the ability to vend an almost unlimited spectrum of products within the same machine.

The Prosper also features a media player option to further enhance the purchasing experience and promote new, premium priced modern beverages.

"It gives you diversity and cost efficiency, coupled with advanced technologies that make our customers more money," said Steven Chesney, president.

"With MDB and DEX protocols incorporated, The Prosper can integrate with the latest technology in payment and telemetry operations like NFC that allows for Google Pay, Apple Pay, along with other digital payment options giving the consumer more ways to purchase the products they enjoy," Chesney said.
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