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-Theodore Roosevelt

The 5 Key Characteristics of Content Marketing

For a company’s content marketing platform to be effective, its content marketing program must include five key elements. These elements are so crucial and interlinked that if even one is missing, the whole strategy may suffer.

The 5 Key Characteristics of Content Marketing are the following....
With COVID-19, What Should
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Customer Testimonials
"I was always amazed at the quality and volume of work Robert performed"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert while I was Marketing Manager of U.S. Products and HydraMaster, professional cleaning equipment manufacturers.

Robert was hired as our PR consultant and was very successful at making sure our press releases, case studies, articles and testimonials were published and widely distributed in all the key trade publications for our industry.

I was always amazed at the quality and volume of work Robert performed for us and I highly recommend his services if you wish to boost your PR presence

 Nick Wiebe, Marketing Consultant
There's a house in South Korea designed to look like a toilet.

The "toilet house," as it is called, was built in 2007 by a Mr. Sim Jae-deok, who later became chairman and founder of, wouldn't you know it, the World Toilet Association.
His goal was to promote proper restroom hygiene and sanitation around the world and to set international standards on how to clean public restrooms, and most specifically, toilets. 

The Toilet-Shaped house is in Suwon, 25 miles south of Seoul. While Sim was famously called "Mr. Toilet," and the house nicknamed the toilet house, that is not its official name.
Instead, he named it Haewoojae, which signifies in Korean "a place of sanctuary where one can solve one's worries." 

The house has two bedrooms, two guest rooms, and three "deluxe" bathrooms. The entire house is made of steel, white concrete, and glass. It also has a symbolic bowl-like opening in the roof.

Sim died in 2009. He was 70 years old, which means he was only able to enjoy his famous toilet-shaped house for two years. However, the house lives on. Today it is a museum telling the history of toilets, art gallery, and can be rented out.

While there have not been any takers so far, the house can be rented for $50,000 per night.
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