How much do you really know about human trafficking?
We are starting a new social media campaign called #TruthTuesday
Here is a taste of what you will see:

1. True or False? People in active trafficking situations will always ask for help. k
False. People in active trafficking situations often do not ask for help due to feelings of fear, isolation, guilt, and shame. Many people are trafficked by intimate partners or family members, which makes it harder for them to identify that they are being trafficked.
2. True or False? Human Trafficking involves kidnapping someone into a trafficking situation. l

False. Victims are rarely kidnapped. In 90% of trafficking situations, the victim knows the trafficker intimately. The trafficker could be anyone - a family member, an employer, a “friend.” Traffickers usually rely on emotional coercion and/or financial need to lure and groom victims.
3. True or false? The pandemic caused an increase in reported incidences of human trafficking.

True. Since 2020 we have had a 70% increase in our 24-hour phone line call. Each year we have doubled the number of survivors in our intensive program over the past 3 years.

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