March 2014 - Issue 30
MD Packaging        

In addition to Hi-Speed Checkweighers and Safeline X-ray, MD Packaging is also an authorized vendor for the industrial division of Mettler Toledo Canada.  As an authorized vendor, we offer a host of weighing solutions from static bench and floor scales to material transfer/batching solutions and everything in between.  In this newsletter, we are going to highlight some of our industrial compact systems.  




Industrial Compact Systems
Designed to Speed up Production where Hygiene Counts
Designed to Speed up Production where Hygiene Counts


Current regulations and processing trends in the food industry require not only safe and traceable products, but also process optimized and hygienically designed production equipment.  The ICS629, ICS639, ICS649 & ICS669 combine both and offer seamless integration into the production process.  Every weighing solution fulfils the international food hygienic design standards and will be individually configured to your needs.  Benefits of the ICS portable food line include: 

  • Optimize your process procedure, choose the placement of your terminal for best ergonomic position.
  • The ICS product family is manufactured according to the latest hygienic design guidelines.
  • Scales are important identifications points in your traceability process.  Various interface options offer easy integration into existing data management systems.

Increase your productivity by minimizing overfilling, avoiding underfilling and detect incorrect or missing parts.

  • Basic Weighing - ICS425 - simple weighing from 0.6kg up to 600kg
  • Basic Weighing - ICS435 - simple weighing with numeric keypad for easy pre-taring.
  • Basic Counting - ICS445 - easy to operate counting scale; second scale option; user prompting and configurable softkeys for fast access to key applications.
  • Advanced Counting - ICS465 - Superior piece counting, totalizing & checkweighing scale; colorWeight display; scale embedded database and second scale option.

These compact scales feature high performance weighing technology delivering accurate results fast.

Complete Washdown

Consumer product safety standards are driving increased needs for sanitary equipment.  To meet those needs, food processing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers require scales with specific material grades and finishes.  The full stainless steel scale platforms provide a flexible and rugged solution for a wide range of weighing tasks.  The stainless steel constructions with smooth surfaces and hygienically designed feet contains no water collecting points and helps to reduce possible bacteria contamination.   All parts have been built according to the latest hygienic design guidelines supporting an easy, fast and efficient cleaning procedure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on any of the above weighing solutions.  We are happy to review your specific application!

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