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The real estate market is a bright spot in what is shaping up to be a scary December.

You can get - and should pay attention to - news about the COVID surge almost anywhere. The only thing I'll say about it here is, please take it seriously and please take precautions, the primary one of which is to wear a mask.

This month, in our pre-holiday issue, we're going to look at the effect of the current historically low mortgage interest rates on purchasing power.

The times may be problematic for all kinds of other pursuits, but it's a GREAT time to buy a house - the perfect house for you - so that you can

Love Where You Live!

So, let's get started, shall we?
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The picture of the kitchen, immediately above, and the picture of the stunning living room at the beginning of this issue are from an actual listing in the up-and-coming River District of Fort Worth.

The home is by the wonderful Village Homes, one of Fort Worth's premier builders. It's listed at $485,900. I think you'll agree: it's lovely.

It may be the home of someone's dreams - the home that makes them love where they live.

Today's mortgage interest rates make it significantly more affordable that it was just a short time ago, even with no reduction in purchase price.

Calculated via, assuming a 20% down payment, property taxes of 2.25%, and homeowner's insurance of $1250 annually the monthly payment for this home in 2018 would have been


Making the same assumptions about down payment and the like, right now, the monthly payment for this home would be


A >16% reduction in monthly housing costs is meaningful in anyone's budget book.

Couple this situation with the fact that inventory - the number of houses available for sale - is down 3% from only a month ago and an amazing 51% lower than a year ago. (You can see more Fort Worth housing market statistics HERE.) The result is that now is a fantastic time to buy - or sell - a home.
Let me repeat:

Now is a great time to buy or sell a home.
Or both.
As you can see by this picture locating homes for sale in the River District, there is current inventory, both of existing homes and new-builds.

Sometimes, unless you're aware of what's available, it doesn't occur to you that it might be time for a new chapter in your living adventure.

I'd be happy to discuss your options for selling your current home, if that's your situation, and beginning a new experience in the River District - or in any of the many lovely neighborhoods in Fort Worth (explore them HERE) and surrounding cities.
So, as we come to the end of the longest year in history, be aware that not all of the current circumstances are bad. The housing market presents a rare and exceptional opportunity, inviting you to really examine your situation and see if a change is the right step for you.

If it is, it would be my honor and my pleasure to help you realize your dream of Loving Where You Live!
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Debra’s experience in home renovation, staging, styling, and design sets her apart from the crowd in the Fort Worth area real estate market.

  • Creativity to re-imagine existing spaces for broader appeal.
  • Vision to see opportunities where others see problems.
  • Insight to know what buyers are looking for.

Debra doesn't just listen - she empathizes.
She matches buyers to spaces.

Debra doesn’t just sell property - she maximizes potential.

Whether they're buying or selling,
she helps her clients find harmony in their lives.

You can - and should - love where you live!
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