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February 2013

Humpty Dumpty       

Do you recognize the character above?

It's Humpty Dumpty. Sometimes your house is like Humpty Dumpty and it's had a "great fall".  This was the case when two of my clients called me because they had water damage to their house.  Unlike "all the king's horses and all the king's men", Leading Edge Homes was able to put their houses back "together again."

It is critical with water damage to bring in professionals who know what to do so no additional damage occurs. Usually mold occurs as a result of water damage and it must be properly removed by an abatement specialist.  Then the cleaned area must be tested so you can receive a Clearance Report.  Most municipalities require submittal of this document before issuing a permit to rebuild the affected portion(s) of the house.
Luckily for these clients they contracted with Leading Edge Homes so all the right steps were taken.  As you can see from the picture below, the damaged kitchen has been rebuilt better than new!
Hopefully you will never need our services for this type of work, but know that we are fully capable of restoring your house if you ever do.

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Todd Perry
Leading Edge Homes, Inc.


The Value of Improving Your House 
Every year Remodeling Magazine publishes its Cost vs. Value report.  They price out numerous replacement projects and discretionary remodeling projects all across the country and report the average cost of each job, the amount of value added by performing the job, and the cost recouped upon sale of the house.
It should come as no surprise that the top project locally that returned the most value was a replacement job.  Replacing the front entry door with a 20-gauge steel door returned 92.2% of the money invested.  What is surprising though, is that replacement of the same entry door with a fiberglass unit only returned 62.9%.  Although I am sure the extra cost of the door had a lot to do with the lower value returned, if you don't want your door to rust in a couple of years or show dings from minor mishaps, I'd go with the fiberglass door.  They are now even available hurricane and impact rated.

Other projects of interest included a minor kitchen remodel at 74.5%, a major kitchen remodel at 71%, bathroom remodel at 69.8%, and a master suite addition at 65.9%.
Statistics aside, other key questions you need to ask yourself with any project are "How long do I plan to stay in my house?" and "Will completing the project substantially improve my lifestyle and enjoyment while living in my house?".  If the answers to these questions are "A long time" or a resounding "Yes," call the office at 561-795-2551 or leave me an email message at:  I'll be happy to discuss your plans and unique situation with you.
Two Homes in One House
A growing trend in new home construction is the concept of having a suite for use by an elderly parent, visiting guests, or a returning college graduate.  It typically consisting of a bedroom, bathroom, and living area with some type of kitchen attached to the main house and having both its own entry door from outside as well as an interior door to the main house.  It provides needed privacy along with convenient access.
The same concept can sometimes be added to an existing house.  I completed my first "in-law suite" on a couple's home in Royal Palm Beach about 12 years ago.  The wife's mother was moving in because she started to need help with a few parts of daily living.  A rear bedroom already had access to the main house so I added a full bathroom, walk-in closet, living room, a patio, and a sidewalk to a private entry from the driveway.
About 8 years after the addition was completed, the mother passed away so the rooms were re-purposed.  The living room became the new master bedroom for the homeowners and the bedroom became their sitting/TV room for the master suite.
In case you're wondering what happened to the old master bedroom, their daughter became a "boomerang kid" and moved back home.  She was only too happy to move into mom and dad's old bedroom since it was much bigger than her old room, it had a private bathroom, and the closet space was huge by comparison.
Just like last month's tips for aging in place, the time to plan for this type of addition is now, before you need it.  Leading Edge Homes has consistently completed many, varied addition projects like the one described above over the last 22 years.  To get yours started now, call the office at 561-795-2551 or leave me an email message at:  I'll be happy to advise you on what would work best in your home based on your requirements and site conditions.
On A Personal Note...
There's a new four-legged, furry member of the Perry family - Blizzard.  My daughter adopted this adorable puppy from a rescue organization last month. He, his mother, and three siblings were saved from eminent euthanasia in Louisiana and transported to safety in West Palm Beach.  I'm happy to report that mom and all puppies have been adopted and Blizzard is turning into a happy, confident, and balanced dog.  I can't wait to play with him when he comes to visit in about one week!
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