Save the Surprise for Your Birthday
Don't be surprised by the cost of your next dental bill. Get a pre-treatment estimate first! For many procedures, your dentist can request a cost estimate from Delta Dental, called a "pre-treatment estimate," "pre-determination" or "pre-authorization."

Pre-treatment estimates are meant to provide members with peace of mind. They give you an idea of how much a dental treatment will cost and how the cost will be split between you and Delta Dental.
You can get a pre-treatment estimate in 4 easy steps:

  1. Discuss the dental procedure with your dentist
  2. Ask your dentist to submit a treatment plan and X-rays to Delta Dental of Arizona
  3. We'll review the documents and your benefits
  4. You'll receive a cost estimate from Delta Dental of Arizona
Remember, pre-treatment estimates are just that, estimates. They aren't a guarantee of coverage, but they are meant to provide a general idea of how much your treatment may cost.
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