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April 2018
How much of the market's return are you really getting?

Studies show the average investor is only yielding 2.3% annually from the market.  Many Americans are searching for a better return on their money. Ideally, they want a smarter strategy that provides a higher return without losing their initial investment, especially for the retirement years.
Leaving a Legacy:
3 Differences Between Life Insurance & Roth IRAs

Life insurance and Roth IRAs have a basic structure in common: they are both wealth transfer tools that help facilitate an efficient transfer of assets from one generation to the next and can provide a tax-free legacy.

Despite their similarities, life insurance and Roth IRAs are very different, and the rules that apply to one don't always apply to the other. 
Annuities Beat CD's by Offering Higher Guaranteed Rates and Tax Savings

Americans love certificates of deposit. But fixed-rate annuities, which function like CDs, usually pay a significantly higher guaranteed rate, and they offer tax deferral.

Here are the main ways fixed-rate annuities beat CDs...
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2018 Social Security and Medicare Guide

A quick reference chart for your 2018 Social Security and Medicare Benefits.
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We pride ourselves that we are not market timers, that is, once a portfolio is fully invested, we hold the stocks through the peaks and troughs. 

Market timers anticipate a downturn, sell stocks to raise cash, and hope to get back in at the bottom. This strategy makes perfect sense in theory, but those who manage funds based on this investment strategy, without exception, post poor performances.