Not In Our Town groups are springing up across the country. Here are a few stories about what these new groups are doing and how long-term NIOT groups are helping to galvanize their communities.

Attacks on Jewish Sites, Muslim Solidarity & How to Fight Hate Now

This week, attacks on the Jewish community were felt across the country. Nearly 200 graves were desecrated at Chesed Shel Emeth, the Jewish cemetery in University City, MO. Muslims immediately responded when the St. Louis Jewish Cemetery was attacked, and quickly raised the funds needed to repair it.  
NCDD & NIOT: Dialogue Partners

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation hosted a confab call with NIOT and 50 participants. NIOT and NCDD are discussing ways to bring dialogue partners and a framework to local NIOT groups working long term to prevent hate and foster inclusion. We want you to be part of the discussion too! 
Listen to conference here>
Standing With Our Immigrant Neighbors

The day after Executive Orders that barred people from entering the United States from Muslim countries and called for mass deportations, and a hate attack at a mosque in Quebec that claimed six lives, NIOT groups were convening across the country to discuss how to support Muslim and immigrant residents. Read more>
A True Story From Bowling Green: How to Stop Hate

We are so inspired by the work of Not In Our Town Bowling Green, a veteran NIOT group. Bowling Green has a story to share, and lessons for communities across the country about how we not only respond to hate, but prevent it from happening. Check out this story and video to learn more.  Read more>

Thank you Vocal Minority

NIOT is grateful for the fundraising efforts - totaling $4,028 - made on our behalf by  Vocal Minority, a network committed to equity and justice in America.

" For the stats junkies out there, there were 65 donors, and the median donation was $27; in other words, every contribution mattered a great deal to support NIOT in its fight against hate crimes across America." -Vocal Minority 

You too, can support NIOT through a secure donation!