How often do you experience martyrdom?

In our 20 years with Voice of the Martyrs this Scriptural truth, recovered by the Protestant Reformation, has transformed our personal lives and ministry.

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martyrdom means for your ordinary, everyday walk with the Lord.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor and Dr. Foley

Voice of the Martyrs Korea has announced a “prisoner alert” emergency letter writing campaign in order to encourage 14 Christian believers who are in prison for their faith.

VOMK's goal is to ensure that each of the 14 prisoners of faith receives a minimum of 100 letters of encouragement. 

Click here to read more about the campaign and to access the campaign website which contains a profile of each prisoner, along with instructions for letter writing, downloadable phrases and scriptures in the prisoner’s language, and the prison mailing address. 

The Chinese Communist Party included a Bible story in its official textbook on law and ethics. But the details and meaning have been altered to support Communist ideology. In the altered version, Jesus proclaims himself to be a sinner and stones the woman caught in the act of adultery. 

Although some perceive the aim of the textbook to be the cultivation of the professional ethics of legal practitioners, the book violates professional ethics by fabricating biblical text. 

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Pray for Lonely, Socially-Distanced NK Defectors and Our Students Who Visit Them: Please pray for the physical and mental health of lonely, socially-distanced NK defectors living in South Korea. North Koreans living in South Korea have the highest rate of death due to suicide among people groups in the world. Even among our students, we are shocked when they tell us testimonies of how God saved them from suicide attempts or to helped them kick their addiction to anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Many of them tell us that reading the word of God and going to our two training schools helps curb their depression. Please pray for God to use His Word and His body to save their bodies and souls. 

Fear Among North Korean Defectors– Especially in light of the fact that the current South Korean government is becoming friendly with the North Korean government, quite a few of our students are fearing for their lives. Some of them, like UT student Mr. Min, are well-known to the North Korean government. Many still have families in North Korea and are afraid that, if the North Korean government were to become aware of them, their family members would be targeted. Please pray for them not to act out of fear, but to keep their minds stayed on the Lord and trust Him as He keeps them in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).