Issue #112, February 2017
Earlier this month, our team attended the International Modal Analysis Conference - IMAC XXXV - in Anaheim, California.  IMAC always offers an opportunity to see what students, professors and professionals are engaged with in the dynamic testing industry. We enjoyed sharing our dynamic sensors and calibration expertise in several technical sessions. Our Calibration Team is hopeful that you will have an opportunity to attend conferences and seminars this year too.  As such, a hand-selected list of upcoming events is available to you each month at the bottom of this newsletter!
How Often Should I Recalibrate My Accelerometer? 
By Mike Dillon, TMS Calibration Team Leader

We are frequently asked this question either in phone conversations or online discussion forums. For what seems like a simple question, we have both a simple, if unsatisfying answer of "it depends..." and a more thorough analysis upon what "it depends." In short, how often you recalibrate an accelerometer is a balance between the risk of not calibrating and the cost of calibrating.

Tip of the Month
Do not attempt to remove an adhesively mounted accelerometer with tools such as knives, chisels, screwdrivers or hammers.  Always apply an appropriate solvent, such as acetone, to loosen the adhesive bond, or else the mechanical shock of removal may damage the unit.

Blast from the Past:
How Temperature Affects Accelerometer Calibration

Often, when we talk about accelerometer calibration we are referring essentially to the measurement of sensor sensitivity as a function of frequency. The manufacturer of an accelerometer subjects the design to a wide variety of tests to determine output due to a large number of inputs.

Output characteristics commonly measured include...
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