Ketchie Invites 5th Graders to Facility for Math-Based Learning
We love seeing our industries take a proactive approach to preparing the next generation of manufacturers. In celebration of National Manufacturing Month in October, Ketchie Inc. invited 150 5th graders from Winecoff Elementary School to their facility for some math-based learning and a tour. The visit tied together Manufacturing and STEM as the first week of November was also National STEM Week. Ketchie was excited to get to know their neighbors and share their pride in manufacturing!

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NC Ranks #4 for Growth in Global Headquarters
In this recent report, North Carolina ranks at #4 for Growth in Global Headquarters. While the state has a diverse mix of economic growth, the life-sciences sector is especially strong with several new major announcements in the past year.
Counties Experiencing Population Gains from Net Migration
Fast growth in North Carolina's largest urban areas - Raleigh and Charlotte - is also spilling over into neighboring suburbs. Cabarrus County is among the counties with the largest gains from net migration and ranks at #5 for growth in 2017-2018.