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The Hock Tools Newsletter
#4 / 2017

We’ve been back from Handworks in Amana, Iowa, for a while now. Even so, the glow has hardly diminished. What a woodworking convocation - both serious and fun, exhausting and uplifting. Thanks again to Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted, and his brother Father John Abraham – the team that teaches us all how things are done.

Our sights are now set on the European Woodworking Show, which takes place September 16-17 at the 13th century Cressing Temple Barns in Essex, England. Not that this is an easy trade show to get to if you aren’t already in England, but this may be the last EWS, and it has been a one-of-a-kind event where we meet with our contemporaries in Europe - woodworkers and toolmakers alike - in an inspired setting known for two Grade I Listed Medieval Barns built by the Knights Templar. With ring dating at 1205, the oldest of the three barns is the oldest standing timber-framed barn in the world. I’ve talked about these before, but I'm still amazed at where we will be.

Otherwise our summer has begun with all sorts of busy at Hock Tools. You may have seen our new scraper plane kits are on the website, where I also explain the hold-up (the fire that swept through Isaac’s shop and the shops of several artisans and a restaurant that also occupied the building). No worries, though. We’re beyond the worst of the fire and moving forward. Please stay tuned!

Of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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Q&A: Blades & Trimming Edge Bands
One Question, Two Answers:
Planes and Blades a nd How to Use Them.
We usually toggle our Q&A issues between blade or metal related questions and woodworker related questions. Ron Hock, answers the first. Our colleague and kit designer/builder (and general all-round woodworking maven) Isaac Fisher answers the latter. 

Knowing Hock Tools will often modify a blade for a woodworker, this question from Geoffrey Sarkissian asks Ron whether he thinks it a good idea to modify a certain blade for better results from a specific task. Ron also sent the question on to Isaac for his input, which makes this a double hitter Q&A!

616-Advancing Handtools, 6 More Schools that Teach You to Make Your Own Handplane.
Schools that Teach You to Make Your Own Wooden Handplane, III
Retail 2-2017, David Flemings Students from January 2017 Planemaking Class.
  This is what making your own tools looks like! Happy plane makers, l—r: Josh Owens, Christine Lee, 
DJ Zor, Mo Kirdani with their new handplanes built under the guidance of instructor David Fleming
during his January class at David’s shop in Phoenix, Az.
This is our third article about schools that teach you to build your own wooden handplane, and this photograph from cabinetmaker and instructor David Fleming shows us just what it feels like!
If you are looking for the option of buying a customized wooden hand plane, Scott Meek  just may be the toolmaker you are looking for. Scott sculpts planes to fit your needs. All you must do is tell him what you are looking for. Or, look no further than Scott’s website for his latest planes. Scott is a master; specialty wooden handplanes planes are his focus and his passion. 
This also happened...

Popular Woodworking's video team, David Thiel and Rick Deliantoni, worked with Ron to turn The Perfect Edge into a useful video, bringing Ron to the drawing board, going through the book one chapter at a time, and being so wonderful about helping him be comfortable as possible in front of a camera. These two are golden!

Thank you, Popular Woodworking!
Still shot of Ron Hock at the white board from Popular Woodworking Video's video of The Perfect Edge; the Video Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers, a visual adaptation of  the book, The Perfect Edge; the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers, also by Ron.

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