Upcoming Campus Events
  • MPES Band Concert February 4
  • John Jay Booster Club meeting February 5
  • Kindergarten Parents Orientation February 5
  • Board of Education meeting February 6
  • JJHS WR Junior Science & Humanities Symposium February 8
  • KES Band and Chorus Concert February 10
  • JJMS PTO meeting | Principal's Coffee February 11
  • KLSD ArtsALIVE meeting February 11
  • MPES Wellness Night February 12
  • IMES Band Concert February 12
  • JJHS PTO General Membership meeting February 13
  • KES Strings Concert February 13
Rethinking Spaces to Encourage Collaboration & Creativity
KLSD's libraries are taking a tip from the latest research on work and learning environments, and are considering how color, open floor plans, and flexible seating can influence and empower people.

The result? Inviting shared spaces that are more conducive to the different ways that students learn, and the different ways teachers want to teach. 

“The new learning environments easily transform to comfortably support small group, collaborative work, as well as spaces for students to work individually,” said Mary Ford, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “Agile learning spaces support the ideals of the Learning Commitment and help us to realize our goals.”
Mixed Use Matches Ever-Changing Needs
John Jay High School library's renovation is complete!

Offering the choice of upholstered chairs to office chairs and café tables to conference tables, the space supports project collaboration and quiet concentration. Low shelves delineate clear areas for each—and outlets, charging ports, computers and digital screens are available throughout. 

Information Hub Engages Students
When teachers bring classes to the library, they often use the tables with mobile displays or the library classroom. When students come to the library on their own, they often head to the casual comfy chairs or the two new café tables. 

The exciting thing is, no matter where students are in the middle school library, they have easy access to books, laptops and wireless presentation tools. 

Comfort and Simplicity Support Learning
At Increase Miller Elementary School's library, children get their wiggles out while reading on stability balls, use iPads while sitting in seats that look like soup bowls, and collaborate on colorful carpets.

This type of engagement is supported in all elementary school libraries by creating a more comfortable learning environment and providing current, mobile technology.

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