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How St. Maarten fails to pick up millions in EU subsidies

PHILIPSBURG - St. Maarten misses out on millions of European subsidies because the government is unable - or incapable, or unwilling - to write the proper project proposals that would unlock these funds. A column published on the website...

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How to get the most out of the website

Information on how to use and get the most out of ~ - Register for the Free Newsletter at You will not only become a member of the website but also receive the free email newsletter. Send...

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Sol introduces Ecolution and commits to mega investments

PHILIPSBURG - The Sol Group has committed to a $66 million investment in the St. Maarten economy between 2015 and 2025, through capital investment and community support, General Manager Robert-Jan James stated in a press release. "We are excited...

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Funmiles launches WordFun end-of-year prize fest

WordFun: collect letters to win amazing prizes - The end-of-year prize-fest from Fun Miles & partners ~ PHILIPSBURG - The word is out: Fun Miles cardholders should brace themselves for a stunning amount of prizes in the new end-of-year campaign:...

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Chamber of Commerce ceases Business Inactivation Status

PHILIPSBURG - As part of the ongoing efforts to maintain accuracy of the trade registry and ensure compliance among the business community, the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) has taken the decision, and adopted with immediate...

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CIBC FirstCaribbean to sell its banking assets ....

Bridgetown, Barbados 12th October 2021. FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, FirstCaribbean International Bank (Barbados) Limited ("FCIB Barbados"), has agreed to sell its banking assets in St. ...

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SABA students thank NAGICO Insurances for Care kits

THE BOTTOM - Students of the Saba Comprehensive and Sacred Heart Primary School in Saba have expressed a big thank you to NAGICO Insurances, for providing them with care packages, to help them maneuver face to face learning while staying safe in...

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The Integrity Chamber, what does it actually do?

The Integrity Chamber was created by the National Ordinance Integrity Chamber (Landsverordening Integritskamer, AB 2017, no. 41) that was adopted by Parliament in December 2017, and entered into force in December 2018.

(For more info about the Integrity Chamber visit or email:

The INTEGRITY CHAMBER comprises of Three (3) Members, which is further mentioned as the Supervisory Council.

- The President who is appointed by Kingdom Decree by the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

- The Two (2) remaining Members who are appointed by the Government of Sint Maarten, Council of Ministers.

- They are all appointed for a Three (3) years Term and may be appointed for One more additional Term.

1. President Ms. H.W. Vogels- January 2020
2.Member Mr. R.A. Boasman- January 2019
3. Member Mr. H.R. Lodder- January 2019

The Integrity Chamber is an advisory body ex Article 79 of the Constitution of Sint Maarten. 

The Integrity Chamber is managed by a Secretariat, with a Director heading the top function of its daily responsibilities and activities.

The Secretariat comprises of professionals in a number of areas, including research, policy advice, legal advice and communications.

a) the Integrity Chamber is tasked with supervisory and advisory duties b) it will investigate suspected integrity breaches, misconduct, and provide binding opinions to the Government of Sint Maarten on how to deal with them c) where a criminal offence has been committed, the Chamber will lodge a criminal complaint where necessary d) the Chamber will also advise the Government of Sint Maarten on an integrity policy and make proposals in this regard e) in addition promotes and seeks to enhance integrity within government and government entities/ government owned companies, while f) creating awareness about the importance of integrity.

- The Supervisory Council overseas specific activities of the Integrity Chamber. 

- The Integrity Chamber requires authorization from the Supervisory Council to carry out certain tasks, such as on-site investigations. 

- The Supervisory Council is tasked with overseeing that the Integrity Chamber executes its duties efficiently. 

- The Supervisory Council uses its powers proportionally, and in accordance with the National Ordinance of the Integrity Chamber. 

- Complaints about the work of the Integrity Chamber can be lodged with the Supervisory Council.



The Integrity Chamber provides continuous information on the importance of integrity to increase the awareness within government and the society in general. 


  • integrity is a crucial determinant of trust.
  • establishing integrity policies, prioritizing corruption preventions, fostering high standards of behavior, reinforcing the credibility and legitimacy of those involved in decision-making, safeguarding the public interest, restoring confidence in the policy-making process, effective management of conflict of interests, striving for, and maintaining high standards of behavior in the public sector, creating and establishing adequate systems for dealing with violations.


COLUMN - Sint Maarten is net een dubbeltje op zijn kant

Column van Terrance Rey in over hoe Sint Maarten miljoenen aan Europese subsidies misloopt en hoe het leven op Sint Maarten kan verlopen als jij je laat verleiden. Sint Maarten is net een dubbeltje op zijn kant.

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Political pipedreams

By Hilbert Haar ~ The Central Plan Bureau in the Netherlands routinely analyses election programs of political parties before an election takes place. Such analyses show whether these programs are financially feasible, or not. During the last...

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A flawed verdict highlighted

In September, GEBE, first alone and then together with the members of its supervisory board, filed lawsuits against the company's shareholder Country St. Maarten based on tort. More specifically, because Country St. Maarten represented by its...

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Is SXM Carnival 2022 being held to a double standard?

Johnson wonders if there is no viable option to allow SCDF to add Jouvert Morning to the calendar of events ~ PHILIPSBURG - "It seems St. Maarten Carnival 2022 is being held to an apparent double standard," remarked Stuart Johnson former Minister ...

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Chantelle Jessurun obtains Master's Degree in Holland

PHILIPSBURG - Chantelle Jessurun, a former student of the Hillside Christian School and a graduate of Milton Peters College, obtained her Masters of Science degree in International Development Studies at Utrecht University on September 30, 2021....

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SER policy-brief about dump written by Chantelle Jessurun

PHILIPSBURG - The landfill on Pond Island, commonly referred to as the dump, remains a bone of contention now that 200 residents who live near it have to be relocated. The government has done basically nothing about the health hazards the dump...

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Carnival 2022 returns with strict safety protocols

PHILIPSBURG - After a hiatus of two years Carnival is once again on the calendar for 2022. The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) announced 24 days of Carnival events, beginning with the opening of the Carnival Village on April 16 ...

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SCDF announce pageant prizes, will make shows less costly

PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) is hard at work preparing for the local shows of Carnival 2022 and over the weekend announced the prizes and main approach for the Carnival Queen Pageants. All four of the...

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Ansary's attorneys: No evidence of solvency deficit at ENNIA

WILLEMSTAD - "The plaintiffs present circumstances that are incorrect, in violation of the law or otherwise simply made up," attorneys Karan Doekhi and Mirto Murray said on the second day of the lawsuit the ENNIA Group and the Central Bank of...

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Philipsburg Property For Sale

Photo caption: Property located on the Backstreet no.18 in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Property located on the Backstreet no.18 in Philipsburg, St. Maarten and is registered at the Cadastre office with Certificate of Admeasurement number PB...

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Gambling industry-reform stalls in Curacao but is on in SXM

PHILIPSBURG - Curacao is not making any progress with the reform of its policy for games of chance, the third-quarter report about the execution of the country packages states. Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas warns in a reaction against rücksichtlos...

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Law Enforcement Council gets authority to control Crime Fund

PHILIPSBURG - The available capacity for the execution of measures from the country package in St. Maarten remains a continuous source of concern. The capacity in St. Maarten is even more limited than in the other two countries," the...

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GEBE court ruling is regretfully flawed, attorney says

PHILIPSBURG - "A remarkable verdict if not a miscarriage of justice," attorney Jairo Bloem says about the ruling of the Court in First Instance against two members of GEBE's supervisory board, Roberta Diaz and Conrad Richardson. In September,...

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Minister Ottley's insurance-plan draws criticism

PHILIPSBURG - The announcement by Minister Omar Ottley (Public Health) that he intends to increase the salary-ceiling for insurance under SZV from 67.816 to 120,000 guilders (from $37,886 to $67,039) per January 1, 2022, has drawn criticism from...

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PFP questions Minister Jacobs, Doran about acting SG

PHILIPSBURG - In light of the apparent norm within the civil service of having one person fulfil multiple critical roles at the same time, Party for Progress (PFP) Members of Parliament (MPs) Melissa Gumbs and Raeyhon Peterson questioned Minister ...

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Emmanuel: When is actual work going to begin at PJIA?

PHILIPSBURG - Independent Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel on Wednesday once again questioned when the actual reconstruction work of the Princess Juliana International Airport will begin. The MP noted that the end of the year is...

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MP Buncamper took 600,000 in bribes, prosecution charges

PHILIPSBURG -- The trial against parliamentarian Claudius Buncamper (United St. Maarten party, USp) is the result of an investigation into corruption that began in July 2018. The first court hearings were on September 28 and 29. The next session...

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More prison time looms for former MP Frans Richardson

PHILIPSBURG - There is more trouble on the horizon for former parliamentarian Frans Richardson, the founder of the United St. Maarten party (USp). On November 16, the Court in First Instance will hand down its verdict against Richardson in the...

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Start bouw luchthaven Sint Maarten

Van onze redactie Philipsburg - Een belangrijke mijlpaal voor het land noemde minister Roger Lawrence van Toerisme, Economische Zaken, Verkeer en Telecommunicatie (Teatt) gisteren de start van de wederopbouw van de luchthaven. De minister had een ...

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Ansary hoort claim van 1,1 miljard

Ennia/CBCS: Schadebegroting nog aan de terughoudende kant Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - De Ennia-verzekeringsgroep eist een totale schadevergoeding van 1.130 miljoen gulden (oftewel 1,1 miljard) in de aansprakelijkheidsprocedure tegen...

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Ansary in frontale aanval

'Ennia/CBCS slaan de plank faliekant mis' Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Van het 'leegroven of leegtrekken' van de Ennia-entiteiten door eigenaar Hushang Ansary en de voormalige bestuurders 'is geen sprake geweest'. Het is eerder...

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Pisas ontmoet Ansary in Kas di Korte

Woordvoerder Pisas: Bezoek aan Hof had niets te maken met Ansary-zaak Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - De alerte cameraploeg van TeleCuraçao, die op dat moment binnen aanwezig was, heeft vastgelegd hoe de Amerikaanse miljardair Hushang...

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Investering op nog geen half kantje

100 Miljoen dollar laat zien hoe Ansary omging met geld van Ennia Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - ,,De 'investering van 100 miljoen' geeft een treffend voorbeeld van de gang van zaken onder het bewind Ansary", aldus de advocaten van de...

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Eén procent wordt contant voldaan

Financiënminister: Van alle belastingen en premies Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Ongeveer 1 procent van alle belasting- en premieopbrengsten op Curaçao wordt contant voldaan. Dat antwoordt minister Javier Silvania (MFK) op vragen van...

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Medici: Trek uitspraken in

'Minister Pietersz-Janga ondermijnt coronabeleid overheid' Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Gezondheidsminister Dorothy Pietersz-Janga (MFK) moet volgens verschillende organisaties van medici op Curaçao haar uitspraken over alternatieven...

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Commotie door GMN-minister

Huisartsenvereniging waarschuwt voor risico's Ivermectine Van een onzer verslaggeversWillemstad - Gezondheidsminister Dorothy Pietersz-Janga (MFK) heeft onder Curaçaose medici voor consternatie gezorgd omdat zij in een tv-interview stelt niet...

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Active COVID-19 cases drop to 46

PHILIPSBURG - The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Omar Ottley, extends his heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the two (2) victims who passed away due to COVID-19. Much strength to the families during...

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ODM: Remain Vigilant and Prepared. Hurricane Season Not Over

Even though tropical storm activity has subsided during the past couple of weeks, that does not mean the hurricane season is over, Office of Disaster Management (ODM) said on Monday. There is still six weeks to go as the season runs through...

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Weather Forecast: Tuesday to Thursday

PUBLIC WEATHER FORECAST FOR ST. MAARTEN DATE ISSUED: Monday, October 18, 2021 @ 18:00 LST (22:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Tuesday evening (18:00 LST) October 19, 2021 WEATHER: Tonight through Tuesday evening: Partly cloudy, becoming cloudy at times with ...

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Suspect in De Vries murder case tells court: I knew nothing

The man accused of being the getaway driver in the Peter R. de Vries murder case has told a court he had no knowledge of the killing. Kamil E., 35, said he had been hired to drive 22-year-old Delano G. from Amsterdam, but was not told what...

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VVD popularity unchanged in latest poll of polls

The fortunes of governing party D66 have plunged in the latest poll of polls but the popularity of Mark Rutte's right wing Liberal VVD remains unchanged, despite six months of coalition talks. The new poll, an amalgam of three different opinion...

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